Beizhong group seeks breakthroughs in the layout o

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Beizhong group seeks a breakthrough in the "the Belt and Road" layout

Beizhong group seeks a breakthrough in the "the Belt and Road" layout

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after 60 years of development, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. of China Ordnance Industry Group has formed unique advantages in special steel materials and material forming and comprehensive advantages in R & D process manufacturing. This year coincides with the gradual implementation of the "the Belt and Road" strategy and its supporting measures, Beizhong group will make use of its geographical and military advantages to continue to make efforts in products, technologies and services and seek new breakthroughs in this strategic layout

improving the quality of equipment electric power, shipbuilding and aviation industries

special steel is one of the foundations for the upgrading of electric power and coal chemical industry, which is of great significance to national defense, cutting-edge technology, high-end equipment manufacturing and national economic development. Beizhong group gives full play to the advantages of special steel materials and material forming, and highlights the manufacturing technology advantages of special steel, such as smelting, refining, extrusion, precision forging, free forging, heat treatment and so on; It has become the only base to provide high-end special-shaped parts to the national defense industry by applying the unique production and manufacturing advantages of the whole industrial chain, such as 36000 ton vertical extruder, 1600 ton precision forging machine and free forging

at present, the company's high-pressure thick wall seamless steel pipes for power stations based on new materials, as well as a series of leading civil products such as marine and locomotive crankshafts, pipe molds, petroleum drilling tools and metallurgical rollers, have entered the fields of thermal power generation, wind power generation, nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, aerospace and other fields, and now form strategic partnerships with more than 70 famous enterprises

P91 and P92 steel pipes produced by Beizhong group are especially suitable for the four pipelines for supercritical and ultra supercritical boilers with a rating of more than 600000 kW, filling the domestic gap and making the company among the strategic suppliers of three power and five power generation groups. It has broken the long-term monopoly of foreign products and achieved the capacity of mass production. It is the first enterprise in China to complete and pass the production appraisal of P91 and P92 large-diameter seamless steel pipes

during the "13th five year plan" period, Beizhong group firmly seized the opportunity to strengthen cooperation in energy infrastructure connectivity in the strategic layout of the "the Belt and Road" to create industrial brands with international competitive advantages such as high-speed rail, nuclear power, UHV, 4G, major infrastructure construction, etc., and made great achievements in power and other fields

make the best of its geographical advantages and expand new fields such as coal

Beizhong group is a large-scale joint enterprise integrating special steel smelting, casting and forging, heat treatment, machining and final assembly and commissioning. The comprehensive advantages of R & D process and manufacturing are obvious. Through military civilian integration and military civilian integration, Beizhong group focuses on the market demand for mining vehicles and engineering machinery products. In particular, 6. On the experimental project of fastening foot nuts, Beizhong group should seize the opportunity of "the the Belt and Road" to develop energy and infrastructure, adhere to independent innovation, focus on the market demand for mining vehicles and engineering machinery products, actively develop 300-400 ton electric wheel mining vehicles, and realize the full range coverage of mining vehicle products; Ensure that small tonnage mining vehicles continue to occupy the leading position in China; Further expand the market share of mining cars in Africa, Asia and Australia, with a market share of more than 75%, and enhance the voice of the global market

in terms of coal machinery, keep up with the development trend of cutting-edge technology of coal machinery, seize the rare opportunities of coal machinery, coal safety and other industries closely related to coal, based on the complete set of coal machinery production, actively optimize the structure and performance of existing specifications of roadheader, continuously improve the technical level of hydraulic support and roadheader, and speed up the market promotion of underground transporter, explosion-proof transporter, underground life capsule and other products, Become the R & D and production equipment base of coal machinery products in Inner Mongolia. Continue to break through the geographical restrictions of the joint venture, further expand the market share of mining cars in Africa, Asia and Australia, and enhance the voice of the global market

In recent years, Beizhong group has adhered to "focusing on the market for research and development, improving the speed and efficiency of research and development, accelerating the upgrading of old products and accelerating the progress of technology", and "combined with the market, users and cost" through "self-research, joint venture, technology purchase, brain borrowing and joint research and development", Accelerate the pace of technological innovation and upgrading of military and civilian products, rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote product structure adjustment, rely on business model innovation to ensure sustainable development, and rely on management innovation to accumulate endogenous development power

at present, the brand awareness has been further increased, and the P92 steel pipe independently developed and produced by Beizhong group has successfully passed the 168 hour test of Huaneng Nantong Power Plant. This means that the application of high-end heat-resistant steel large-diameter thick wall seamless steel pipe independently developed and produced by Beizhong group has made a major breakthrough in the four pipelines of ultra supercritical units. Its performance indicators fully meet the industry standards, break the foreign monopoly and realize the real localization

in terms of military products, according to the strategic cooperation agreements signed with Nanjing University of technology and other institutions, scientific research branches are established to improve the R & D efficiency and market delivery speed of military weapons and equipment with the help of the resource advantages of developed regions. Special steel products, according to the strategic agreement signed with Zhongshui materials group, are steadily promoting the establishment of Beizhong group special steel products sales company, which is expected to jointly occupy more than 50% of the domestic wall seamless pipe market share. Mining truck products actively carry out remanufacturing business and service contracting business, and adopt the methods of installment payment, financial leasing and leasing for sale, so as to consolidate and strengthen the monopoly position in the domestic market. Coal machinery products, and actively promote the policies and technical preparations of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government to build Beizhong group into a coal machinery manufacturing industrial base in Inner Mongolia; The senior leaders of the company have been actively understanding the progress of the industrial transfer strategy of "Beijing Tianjin Hebei", closely tracking the nearly 500 billion coal chemical supporting equipment project in the 13th five year plan of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the relevant market demand research work is being solidly promoted


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