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wall design is a rich expression in the interior space. It can present many performance forms, such as calm and atmosphere, fresh and elegant, classical style, or implicit power of the times

the new Chinese style wall design fully demonstrates the connotation of Chinese traditional aesthetics and people's aesthetic orientation under the current era background, so it better reflects the aesthetic spirit of modern home furnishings and reflects people's understanding and pursuit of Chinese traditional things

sofa wall is a visual center of the living room. No matter how designed, the collocation of sofa and wall reflects the overall style and style. More often, it is a painting

skillfully integrate the use of various spatial elements such as shape, material, furniture, soft decoration, etc., and a noble and atmospheric home atmosphere can fully show the fashion sense of modern rooms

bamboo shadow robe, flickering light and shadow, the visual pleasure brought by the new Chinese style is indescribable

the darker the color, the more elegant it is. Matching dark color with soft decoration can make it light or heavy, rigid or soft

traditional elements are skillfully integrated into the design, making the space both traditional and fashionable

among the colorful design elements, more and more designers pay attention to the application of Oriental elements and their cultural connotation. To create things with Chinese traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people has injected a brand-new Oriental style into space design, and the vein of Oriental traditional art has been spread

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