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Due to the continuous rise in the quotation of the production materials of door and window goods, the profit space of manufacturers is directly reduced. In order to save operating costs, many manufacturers are not stingy with cutting corners and producing fake and inferior goods. These wily door and window agent manufacturers must not go far on the road of development in the future. As long as manufacturers think about ways and skills, they can gradually form their unique advantages and calmly deal with the pressure of the mall

first, diversify the ways of purchasing

the introduction of raw materials in multiple ways can prevent the mall from shaking the impact of the rise in the quotation of raw materials, and can ensure the quality of raw materials and sufficient supply. Through different ways of purchasing goods, the acting manufacturers of doors and windows can pick out the manufacturers that supply high-quality raw materials, avoid those "looting" manufacturers, and reduce the acquisition cost. For the quality of door and window goods, only high-quality raw materials can produce high-quality goods

at the same time, manufacturers need to have their own warehouses and professional guards to make the log data pass the birth period, so as to prevent the failure of the birth period from causing the appearance of late finished products to change

Second, improve the skill content

prices rise, and the quotation of raw materials for doors and windows also continues to progress. In the face of the rise of raw materials, most manufacturers' practice is to improve the price and directly transfer the added cost to consumers. But this is useless. As a commodity that needs to be used for a long time, consumers will not buy doors and windows every day like food. Consumers are more looking for the function of doors and windows. Therefore, as long as the door and window agency manufacturers dare to bear the cost loss in the promotion process and reduce the cost with innovative production skills, they can truly achieve success

III. pay attention to the needs of consumers

door and window products are produced for consumers, and satisfying the needs of consumers is the production concept that the door and window agent manufacturers should always adhere to. In the final analysis, a series of actions, such as the transformation of door and window agent manufacturers, the exploration of o2o, and the expansion of channels, are all changed for the sake of consumers. Therefore, the door and window agent manufacturers must pay attention to the needs of consumers and produce satisfactory goods according to these needs, so as not to waste production costs

facing the occupational situation of rising operating costs, door and window agent manufacturers should constantly improve their skills and innovative abilities to achieve the intention of saving costs. As long as innovation is the permanent driving force for manufacturers to carry out, as long as innovation ability is very good, it will become a professional advantage, so as to break through the "competition war" in the mall

door and window agent manufacturers are all over the world. In order to calmly cope with the pressure of shopping malls, it is necessary for manufacturers to start from the aspects of ways and skills, and constantly integrate innovative thinking, so that they can go further in the future

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