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In modern home life, kitchen has increasingly become a place to reflect taste and quality of life. The perfect quality brought by modern cabinet design naturally attracts many consumers who pursue perfection and high-grade life

in modern home life, the kitchen has increasingly become a place to reflect taste and quality of life. The perfect quality brought by modern cabinet design naturally attracts many consumers who pursue perfection and high-grade life. In the modern overall cabinet design, both the design of space and the creation of environment are setting off the beauty of the kitchen and reflecting the value of the kitchen. Designers give changes to the cabinet itself and space design, just like human wisdom, deducing beautiful shapes and new lines. As for the impact of cabinet products on home life, I think it can be mainly reflected in the following two aspects: first, the impact of design style, and second, the choice of materials

vatti's overall cabinet Mona Lisa tiles

from environmentalism to minimalism, to post minimalism, and then to the new decorationism that has increasingly become the mainstream at present. This series of changes implies the law of mutual generation and restriction of ancient Chinese philosophy, and also confirms the close interactive relationship between social change and public aesthetics. Analysis and classification of current popular ideas, due to the change of people's life consciousness, open and semi open kitchens have become more and more. Kitchen decoration also pays more attention to the consistency with the overall design style of the house. Therefore, the kitchen has gradually transformed from a single function of cooking to a family gathering center. The color and material of the kitchen are also required to be closer to the tone of the dining room and even the whole house

because the cabinet material can also be furniture material, such as the same baking paint and solid wood as the wardrobe, the cabinet material and process can be the same as the furniture, so that the style and temperament of the whole indoor space are unified. Cabinets have also begun to develop into furniture, and become as diverse as furniture colors. Therefore, cabinets have also become an important part of furniture and decoration. It can meet both aesthetic and practical requirements. Nowadays, the functions of cabinets are increasing day by day, including pull basket, corner cabinet, free pull oven cabinet, embedded microwave oven, embedded refrigerator, and off stage dishwasher; There are also choices of different colors and materials, such as solid wood, baking varnish, blister, etc., which all show that the cabinet has also evolved into a part of furniture

baking paint is still the best choice to reflect the sense of design. In order to increase the effect of baking paint materials and reflect the most popular new decorationism at present, the designer used a series of background wall designs. First, the zebra pattern of baking bright paint on beech wood is dynamic, wild and publicized, conveying a more personalized aesthetic proposition. In addition, the parapet of tableware silhouette decoration in the room is very interesting, using the changes of light and shadow, Create an ethereal and flowing indoor atmosphere

the flexible application of new decorationism is different from the gorgeous sense of traditional decorationism. The new decoration era emphasizes the collocation of red flowers and green leaves, focusing on practicality, elegance and taste. While presenting streamlined lines, it also contains a sense of luxury. Through the collocation of solid wood, aluminum and stainless steel materials, and to “ Humanization ” Progress in the way of expression

the wonderful reappearance of tribal culture, the black oak floor cabinet is like a vast and magnificent black African land, and the white hanging cabinet is the snow capped peak in the distance, together with the island type smoke machine and the unique stainless steel hanger, as if performing a bonfire evening on the African wilderness

Venice is classic and elegant. With the emergence of high-pressure film attaching Technology (blister), its advanced one-time molding technology avoids the potential glue opening hazard of fireproof board due to late edge banding; Its rich texture can make realistic effects such as baking varnish and solid wood, and avoid their delicate weakness in material

green imagination is the representative of minimalism. Full of high-tech design inspiration. In addition to the handle, the whole cabinet has no redundant lines. In order to extend the sense of space, the hanging cabinet adopts a double-layer design, and the large application of mirror resin board makes the whole cabinet have a soft and far-reaching artistic conception under the natural light

alternative art. The silver visual image jumps out of the dark wall background, releasing metal light. Aluminum, a future material, is constantly overlapping in the unique way of DNA linking, giving the epidermis of cabinet creatures a continuous natural growth state

in a word, the overall kitchen has received more and more attention in the overall home. How to meet the diversified needs of customers and cooperate with the concept of overall home design has become a new challenge for cabinet designers

with the perfection and maturity of the cabinet industry, it will bring unprecedented impact to modern home life. With “ Living in the kitchen ” Step by step extension of the concept, the protagonist of the kitchen &mdash& mdash; Cabinets are also changing imperceptibly, no longer “ A corner ” As a supporting role, it has become a chip to show the master's taste. This requires designers to fully consider the concept of overall home life in their design, which is not limited to simple functionalization, but to achieve the overall style of the kitchen, integrate with the style of the living room, bathroom, study, bedroom, etc., and visually show the luxury and dignity of the owner together with other indoor parts, making it an indispensable part of home life




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