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In recent years, modern simple European style home decoration has become more and more popular with Wuhan decoration owners! Modern simple European style as a kind of European decoration style, simple European style home decoration is mainly ivory, with light colors for soft decoration. Compared with the European decoration style with strong European flavor, the modern simple European style is more fresh and more in line with the traditional aesthetic concept of Chinese introverted. Therefore, we can go deep into many Chinese families. Today, what Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian wants to share with you is the decoration effect drawing of modern Jane Europe shared by Jintai decoration, which will take you to feel the happy life brought by modern Jane Europe

[specific room type]: Crystal Lidu, 78 square meters, two rooms and two halls

[design description]: in view of the customized needs of the owner of crystal Lidu in this case for fashionable and warm home decoration, the designer plans to decorate the 78 square meters, two bedrooms and two halls with European simple style. The designer strives to interpret the owner's love for life with the modern elegance of simple retro charm. The owner said that there was not much space decoration, so the designer skillfully used the changes of building materials to try to create a different home expression in the same space. In terms of soft fitting collocation, furniture that pays attention to details but does not make public shows its freshness and simplicity, highlighting the unique charm of becoming a monk. European simple style furniture scattered everywhere in the room will not affect the sense of space, but rather like specially arranged space details to decorate the whole space

[decoration company]: Wuhan Jintai decoration; Half package 45000 yuan

[space display]

the exquisite detail design in the decoration is always admirable. The simple European style makes the whole look magnificent and concise, and some small details exude a strong warm atmosphere. With the decoration of small houses of 78 square meters and the removal of magnificent clothes, the elegance from the European continent remains the same. The space reveals delicate traces, and the dark floor of the bedroom will precipitate in the warm sun in winter together with the impetuous mood

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