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Introduction to types and functions of safe locks

according to appearance, electronic code locks can be divided into indicator light series electronic code locks and LCD series electronic code locks

the former is characterized by relatively low price and stable performance. It is mainly applicable to conventional safe deposit boxes with a large amount of use. Because the export boxes are highly competitive, that kind of box is also called garbage box by the industry. Most of these boxes use electronic code lock with indicator light. The latter LCD has a beautiful appearance and complete functions. Generally, it has the functions of clock display, alarm and door opening record. Some LCD panels have a beautiful appearance. Most of them are used in household safe or business cabinet. They are decorated on the safe with their unique appearance to prevent frostbite, so that the whole box can sell at a good price

according to the drive mode, the electronic code lock can be divided into electromagnet series electronic code lock and motor drive series electronic code lock. The working principle of the former is that when the password is input correctly, the electromagnet, commonly known as the solenoid, engages. At this time, it is the so-called door opening state. The mechanical mechanism matched with the electromagnet can open the door through the knob, cross lock and hexagonal lock. The working principle of the latter is that when the password is input correctly, the motor rotates to directly drive the latch to pull back, and the door can be opened

most card swiping locks have digital display 5 Reference condition rules: there are usually two reference conditions: ① standard reference conditions; ② The experimental reference conditions are mainly applicable to hotel safe, and the main driving mode is motor drive. It is convenient for guests to use their own bank card to switch the safe. The general door opening mode is password opening and card swiping. It can also be set to linkage mode, that is, the door can only be opened with a card and password. Generally, the card swiping lock is also equipped with a handheld device, that is, when the key is damaged or the customer forgets the password, the service personnel can open the door through the handheld device for the convenience of the customer

the remote control lock is generally divided into wireless remote control lock and infrared remote control lock. Its main feature is that it is equivalent to transferring the operation keyboard of the electronic code lock to the remote control. The wireless remote control lock is installed in the box. Only when the antenna can pass through, can the signal be sensed, because the metal shield. Infrared remote control lock can be installed with an infrared sensor outside the door panel, and there are also many decorative panels installed outside. When the password entered by the user with the remote control is correct, the inner motor rotates to open the door. Its driving mode is mostly motor-driven. Most of these locks are used in car safe and household invisible safe. At present, it is not widely used in the industry, but it has broad prospects for development

fingerprint lock is generally divided into optical fingerprint and semiconductor fingerprint. The former is generally popular in China. In the general working mode, the optical head will emit red or green light to identify human fingers. It is very humanized to use, showing high-end. No one needs to remember the password, breaking the cumbersome mode of the traditional code lock. Just press the finger to open the door. Most of them are used in high-end cabinets. Because the price of fingerprint chips is relatively high, all customers who have just started to understand the mechanical experimental machine should pay attention to it. Therefore, the price of general fingerprint locks is not low. However, optical fingerprints also have some disadvantages, that is, sometimes the weather is dry, human fingers are not easy to identify, and it is necessary to breathe on the mouth before opening the door. There is also the inability to identify living fingerprints, that is, if others use fingerprint sleeves to obtain your fingerprints, they can also open the door. However, such probability is generally small, and users can use it with confidence. Semiconductor fingerprints are relatively small in size and have a wider identification range than optical fingerprints. In particular, it is more obvious for dry fingerprint users to transfer the load by moving the middle beam up and down driven by the lead screw. However, it has high requirements for the use environment and is easy to be scratched and scrapped. Generally, it is mostly used in places (such as banks) and products (such as notebook computers) guarded by special personnel. The service life of semiconductors is much shorter than that of optics. The customer can refer to it when selecting

with the development of society, people have a stronger understanding of wealth insurance, and the safe industry market is getting better and better. If the safe market is large, then the safe electronic lock market is large. Each safe needs to use a safe lock, and the safe mechanical lock has basically been eliminated. Therefore, almost 100 safes need to use 98 safe electronic locks, and science and technology are progressing, Various kinds of electronic code locks emerge in endlessly. As the core of the safe, the electronic lock of the safe is of great importance. Only with a good quality lock can we achieve a high-quality safe

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