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The inventory of major events of polyester filament in 2011

1. In 2011, the polyester and polyester industry added a total of 5.5 million tons of capacity. In 2010, the polyester and polyester industry made huge profits, and the polyester and polyester manufacturers made a lot of money in 2010. Existing manufacturers have a strong desire to expand production capacity. In order to control the trend of the plastic market from a macro perspective, many banks are also willing to enter the polyester and polyester industry as new production capacity. In 2011, Hengli Group, Shenghong group and Tongkun group all had capacity expansion; Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian Changle and other places also have new production capacity. In 2011, the polyester industry added a total of 5.5 million tons of capacity

2. In 2011, the polyester and polyester industry experienced capacity structure adjustment - in the first half of 2011, some manufacturers transferred FDY capacity to POY capacity. For example, Jiangsu Hengli Group transformed its FDY production line into a POY production line in the first half of 2011. In the second half of 2011, due to the impact of excess capacity of FDY products, there was a large gap between the production and sales of FDY products and POY products. Many enterprises were ready to adjust the structure of the variable-frequency capacity of tensile machines to transform FDY into POY

3. In 2011, the polyester and polyester industry Ammunition manufacturers went bankrupt in a large scale - in September and October 2011, affected by the national tightening macroeconomic policies, among which the tightening monetary policy had the greatest impact. The state has raised the deposit reserve ratio several times, the bank interest rate has risen, the open market is frequently selling Treasury bonds, the currency liquidity has weakened, and small ammunition adding enterprises have declared bankruptcy due to the rupture of the capital chain

4. In 2011, the price and cost of polyester and polyester products were upside down - in November 2011, affected by the downturn of the terminal foreign trade situation, the polyester and polyester industry suffered a "cold winter", and the manufacturers basically did not deliver goods, and the inventory backlog was serious. Under this situation, the manufacturers' quotations were reduced one after another, but the price rise did not fall, and the price drop failed to bring the goods away. Under the vicious circle, the price fell to the bottom, the price of the second product of polyester products was upside down, and the manufacturers gave preferential promotions, There is no bottom line

5. In November, 2011, polyester and polyester manufacturers had a large scale of secondary maintenance. In November, 2011, affected by the inversion of polyester product price and cost, polyester manufacturers broke the tradition that the unit was only overhauled once a year compared with the traditional repair method under unbearable pressure. They conducted secondary maintenance in November, including manufacturers' maintenance in Shaoxing market and Wujiang market

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