Guarantee measures for major accidents in the hott

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Guarantee measures for major accidents in chemical production

9. Pressure gauges, thermometers, liquid level gauges, interlocks, safety valves, and rupture plates of pressure vessels shall be kept in good condition, and shall be regularly inspected and qualified, with signs

10. Hazardous operations such as loading and unloading vehicles shall strictly implement the management regulations of hazardous chemical loading and unloading vehicles: the employees of loading and unloading units shall pass the training and examination, work with certificates, and strengthen daily safety education; The crane tube (filling so its use is restricted by a fixed arm), seals, quick cut-off valves, etc. should be checked to prevent leakage; The universal filling pipeline system must be used for tank car filling, and it is forbidden to fill with hoses through increasing subsidies and other situations; When loading and unloading the truck tanker and the tanker, the grounding must be standardized. After the loading and unloading work is completed, the static grounding wire can be removed after standing for 10 minutes; During loading and unloading, check the tank tank appearance at any time for bulges, leaks, sharp changes in pressure, temperature and other abnormal sites; Pay attention to the loading degree of storage tanks and tanks, which shall not exceed 85% of their volume; Obvious warning signs must be set at the loading and unloading site, which refers to the material itself. In view of the fact that the operator can only work 59H a week, indicating the characteristics of the main varieties of hazardous chemicals, hazard prevention and control, disposal measures, alarms, etc.

15. Metals must be separated before the grinding and crushing of flammable and explosive materials. Inert gas protection should be adopted for the equipment for grinding and crushing flammable and explosive materials

16. When overhauling the equipment for transporting and storing flammable and explosive media, Must use non sparking tools and instruments (such as copper, wood, rubber, etc.)

22. According to production needs and possibilities, use non combustible liquids and liquids with high flash points to replace liquids with low flash points; Dilute the combustible liquid with non combustible liquid to improve the flash point and spontaneous combustion point of the mixed liquid; For liquids with the risk of polymerization exothermic spontaneous combustion, polymerization inhibitor

23 should be added. Non combustible materials should be used as building materials to replace combustible materials; When the equipment and pipelines with fire-retardant materials are connected by flanges, the sealing gasket must meet the requirements of process temperature, pressure and medium

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