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Guangzhou will build itself into the "display capital of the world" and drive the electronic manufacturing industry to seize a new high point

the 8K display screen worth millions at present will enter thousands of households in the future. As an advanced manufacturing project with the largest investment scale since Guangzhou's reform and opening up, the Foxconn super vision 10.5 generation display full ecological industrial park project (super vision 8K project) with a total investment of 61billion yuan has completed 30% of the main projects in less than a year since its foundation was laid in Zengcheng on March 1 last year. The project will be capped on June 30 this year, and will be officially mass produced on September 15, 2019. It is expected that the annual output value will be about 92billion yuan after reaching the production capacity

focusing on building a modern economic system, Guangzhou has focused on the real economy, accelerated the adjustment of industrial structure, and formulated and implemented the five-year action plan for IAB industrial development. As one of the development goals of IAB industry, Guangzhou will build itself into the "display capital of the world": it is estimated that the output value of new display in Guangzhou will exceed 300billion yuan in 2020, driving the output value of electronic information manufacturing industry to exceed 500billion yuan

the new model shows the rise of 100 billion level industrial clusters

at the beginning of the new year, tower cranes stand in the Foxconn industrial park at the foot of Nanxiang mountain in Zengcheng Development Zone, and more than 40 meters of steel structures are built layer by layer, which is amazing The pile foundation works of the main plant of the project have been fully completed and transferred to the construction of the superstructure. The main works of the array plant, the color film plant, the box forming plant and the partial pasting plant have been completed by 36.79%, 38.34% and 29.37% respectively. The construction of the project is progressing smoothly

it is reported that the Foxconn 10th.5 generation display eco industrial park project is constructed in two phases, with a total land of 2156 mu in the first phase. It is understood that the total investment of the first phase of the project is about 61billion yuan, and the design capacity is to produce 90000 pieces/month of the 10th and 5th generation display screens, including the construction of Corning Glass, display, smart TV, electronic whiteboard production plants, and the research and development of high-end display technology products. The second phase of the project is to build next-generation panels and related late stage products

the full ecological industrial park of the 10th.5th generation display has landed in Zengcheng. In addition to bringing advanced manufacturing experience, it has also introduced the world's leading technology of the 10th.5th generation display, and will establish a whole industry chain of high-definition panel production, smart TV manufacturing and sales in Guangzhou. It is reported that the Foxconn project is expected to attract more than 70 Foxconn upstream and downstream industrial chains and related parties to invest in Guangzhou, forming a new display industry cluster of 100 billion level

according to the introduction, 8K display screen adopts the technology with the characteristics of high precision (4k2k/8k4k), high image quality (wide color gamut/uv2a), high function (rolling display/ultra narrow frame) and so on. It has the highest fine image quality. The wide color gamut can display colors beyond all natural colors, which is the highest fine image specification that human vision can recognize

in March last year, Foxconn Group displayed two 8K monitors with a value of more than 1 million yuan. After mass production in 2019, the cost will further decline. It is reported that Foxconn has reached an agreement with domestic enterprises that the leading batch of 8K monitors produced by Zengcheng will be introduced to ordinary people's homes, and the price will be realized from the "sky high price". According to the prediction of Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, the output value of new display in Guangzhou is expected to exceed 300billion yuan in 2020, driving the output value of electronic information manufacturing industry to exceed 500billion yuan, and gathering a number of world-class new display leading enterprises such as Foxconn and LG display

in addition to the 10.5 generation 8K display project, Foxconn will also work with Zengcheng to build a Foxconn Technology Town, based on building a high-standard technology R & D industry, building a world-class mass entrepreneurship and innovation space, incubator, accelerator, and focusing on the development of industrial big data applications, ultra-high definition 8K TV, smart home and other industries. It is reported that Foxconn will take the Pearl River Delta as the base in the future, transform into the leader of industrial interconnection and car service, and build an intelligent ecosystem

Foxconn project settled in Guangzhou to drive the new display industry

the development goal of Guangzhou IAB industry is clear: to build a "world display capital" and an "international software city", an international first-class artificial intelligence application demonstration area, a national biomedical innovation city, and become an IAB industry demonstration agglomeration area that affects the world and leads the country

Foxconn's 10th. (4) maximize the braking force. The smooth progress of the 5th generation display eco industrial park project is of great significance for Guangzhou to build a "display but capital of the world" and seize a new high point in the new generation of electronic information industry. Experts pointed out that the settlement of the project is of great significance for Guangzhou to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, improve industrial levels, form industrial clusters, and expand the total economic output, and has a strong magnetic field effect on high-end factors. The implementation of leading projects in the real economy will inevitably accelerate the transformation of new and old driving forces in Guangzhou, and Zengcheng, with outstanding regional and industrial advantages, will play an important role in this process

Guangzhou's new display industry is entering a stage of rapid development and full flowering. Foxconn's project has settled in Guangzhou, becoming a milestone in the development of the new display industry. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, we will strive to expand the production of IAB industry by 2022, so that we can meet the growing demand for products, with a scale of more than trillion yuan, and build an IAB industry cluster that affects the world and leads the country

it is reported that this year, Guangzhou will further promote the development of advanced manufacturing agglomeration, promote collaborative innovation, supply chain innovation and application, accelerate the construction of 10 value innovation parks, and cultivate and develop six hundred billion level industrial agglomeration areas. At the same time, we should promote the rapid growth of new driving forces, promote the quality, efficiency and dynamics of economic development, and give play to the leading and radiating role of important national central cities

Guangzhou administrative efficiency No.1 Foxconn president praised

Foxconn is not only a famous enterprise in the global real economy, but also a giant in scientific and technological innovation. Foxconn ranks 27th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2017, and is famous worldwide for its high-tech links such as research and development and manufacturing of 3C products such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, etc

Foxconn chose Guangzhou for its development prospects. Terry Gou, President of Foxconn Technology Group, once said that Guangzhou must be a leading position in the future; At the same time, Guangzhou's talent also made him feel excited; In addition, Guangzhou has a high degree of openness and internationalization, superior geographical environment, convenient transportation, complete industrial supporting facilities, and obvious advantages in business environment. Through vertical integration, from point to line to area, the Pearl River Delta with Guangzhou as the center will take shape in the next 10 years, and its growth potential, scientific and technological content and business environment are immeasurable

Gou also praised the efficiency of Guangzhou. He said that the competition among cities in the world now focuses on economy, speed and administrative efficiency. "Our company has factories in 27 countries and regions all over the world. In terms of administrative efficiency, Guangzhou is No.1, which is a fact."

it is reported that it takes only 50 days from the initial agreement between Guangzhou and Foxconn Technology Group to the formal signing of the cooperation agreement; From signing the contract to officially registering the entity company, it took only 19 days (on January 19, 2017, the project company "Super Vision International Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd." was registered and established in Zengcheng District), and from registering the project company to officially increasing the friction between the working cylinder and the piston and when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar, it took only 31 days to start the construction, highlighting the "Guangzhou speed" and "Guangzhou efficiency"

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