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Guangzhou Xieyi exhibition planning Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xieyi exhibition planning Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in the design, planning and engineering of standard and special-shaped exhibitions, various outdoor activities and new product terminal system engineering. We have professional staff from design to construction. For each project, our company will send serious and responsible project managers and customer managers to participate in the preparation and construction. So as to provide reliable and powerful support for customers to systematically explore domestic and foreign markets and reduce promotion costs. Over the years, we have won the trust of a large number of domestic and foreign customers with high-quality services

at present, our services include:

Design and production of the exhibition venue and related supporting services

Design and production of exhibition stands and related supporting services

"National Engineering Research Center for engineering plastics" It is one of the highest level high molecular materials research and Industrialization Bases in China. 1

indoor and outdoor promotion activity planning and engineering construction

Design and production of commodity display counters and related supporting services of wood-based panel universal experimental machine equipment parameters

Design and production of outdoor advertising signs

Design and decoration of product display rooms and specialty stores

within the scope of effective space and limited funds, We can effectively provide you with the success of solving the display effect, "he added. Xieyi exhibition company is headquartered in Guangzhou and has large construction warehouses in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Chongqing, Wuhan and Chengdu. With a broad service network and strong design and engineering construction capabilities, we can provide customers with more comprehensive services

over the years, with continuous efforts, Xieyi exhibition has spread its business all over the country and won the support and trust of our customers. In the future, we should make unremitting efforts to be more outstanding in the exhibition design industry



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