Guangzhou stops approving waste plastic bases

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Guangzhou stopped approving waste plastic bases

Guangzhou announced that in principle, it would no longer approve the EIA documents of new waste plastic bases

the Information Times reported today that the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that according to the relevant notice of Guangdong Province, Guangzhou will promote the construction of industrial projects in the park, improve the infrastructure of the park, and focus on pollution control. In principle, it will no longer approve the EIA documents for the new waste plastic base

in addition, Guangzhou will strictly abide by the ecological red line, and strictly manage the prohibited development zones defined in the provincial main functional area planning, the ecological strict control zones defined in the provincial environmental protection planning, and the drinking water source protection zones

in recent years, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau has vigorously rectified underground waste plastic recycling workshops

taking a report on November 19 as an example, the Environmental Protection Bureau received a report that two waste plastic processing plants were resurgent, and the waste gas and sewage produced by them had caused great troubles to the work and life of the villagers. The local and municipal environmental protection bureaus carried out secret joint law enforcement actions and completely razed the two waste plastic processing plants. Law enforcement officers first surrounded the processing plant, then cut off water and power on the site, then began the demolition work, and finally destroyed some of the illegal production machines

In addition to the advantages of high hardness, Jinfa technology, headquartered in Guangzhou, currently has the country's largest waste plastic recycling industrial park. In this park, the factory adopts the earliest high-temperature polymer customized design, mold, testing and processing expertise to manufacture various key components, which are located in Qingyuan, north of Guangzhou

the intention of the local government is to move the waste plastic processing into the existing park for unified pollution treatment

if other local governments can follow suit, they can promote the further reorganization of the waste plastic recycling industry, and realize the upgrading and transformation of the processing links in the value chain beyond the hedgerow management of the import customs

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