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Guangzhou Xinguan hardware and electromechanical tools based on market demand

Xinguan hardware focuses on the hardware industry by focusing on the three in one strategic axis of "sharing + renting + selling", providing eight categories of services such as electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, conventional, new tools, hardware consumables, indoor environmental governance, household appliance cleaning, and providing users with a professional one-stop procurement service platform. This is the hardware and electromechanical industry, Even the first company in the hardware industry to promote the expected borrowing to replenish the Treasury market has not yet shown a wide range of "Internet + industrial management" brand of full system solutions. Realize the overall transformation from a traditional retailer to an innovative enterprise in the era of hardware interconnection

with the arrival of consumption upgrading, people have more and more demands for high-quality life enjoyment. With its unique international vision and absorbing advantageous resources, Xinguan has developed into a brand operator with international market operation ability and strong strength, integrating sales and services such as electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, conventional, new tools, hardware consumables, indoor environmental governance, home appliance cleaning, etc., forming a huge product system of thousands of varieties. It has also built an integrated, efficient and excellent contemporary enterprise management framework in marketing planning, operation management, logistics distribution, after-sales service and other aspects. One stop consumption service for the benefit of Chinese consumers

in addition, with the changing needs of consumers, the previous mode of "choosing hardware and electromechanical tools one by one" can no longer meet the needs of consumers, which is the stability of cooperation. Nowadays, more and more consumers choose brands that can provide one-stop purchasing solutions instead of just buying a single product out of consideration of time and energy

this is a typical mesoscopic system. First, the whole system solution of "interconnection + industrial management" to solve the various pain points encountered by the people when they need it will become a tuyere in the "new retail" era of the hardware Electromechanical industry and even the hardware industry

some insiders even believe that the full system solution of "interconnection + industrial operation" has the power to "transform the entire China's hardware, electromechanical and tool industry chain, and promote changes in customer consumption logic". The whole system solution of "interconnection + industrial operation" will certainly be a trend among these five projects, and also meet the needs of the future market. As the executor of the full system solution of "Internet + industrial operation" of Xinguan, Xinguan has all the necessary conditions for launching the full system solution of "Internet + industrial operation", including the professional ability of channels, a rich and complete product line, and a perfect pre-sales, in-sales, after-sales service system, etc. This will accelerate the transformation, upgrading and integration of Xinguan hardware stores nationwide. More importantly, it will also make Xinguan one step ahead in the retail market. It is not only an active embrace of the development trend of the industry and society, but also another accumulation of knowledge driven by science and technology to promote the transformation and upgrading in depth

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