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Guangzhou will promote the use of paid plastic bags after the Spring Festival

it is reported that the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Health Bureau will cooperate with the Communist Youth League and other departments to promote the paid use of plastic bags in supermarkets and shopping malls after the Spring Festival, and will first choose some large-scale merchants with strong strength and good reputation and multi curve control fields for promotion

the Environmental Health Bureau suggests that at that time, businesses can choose paper bags, and citizens can choose plastic baskets, vegetable baskets, etc. as substitutes. Some supermarket managers said that if it does not affect business, supermarkets are willing to provide customers with plastic bags for a fee; However, to achieve this, citizens' awareness of environmental protection needs to be strengthened. Hydrogel immobilized biomolecules and cells are widely used in analysis, medical diagnosis and other aspects. Most consumers believe that this will bring a lot of trouble. They believe that carrying baskets is tacky and washing cloth bags is troublesome. Plastic bags are convenient for shopping and can be used to hold garbage, killing two birds with one stone

according to statistics, the daily consumption of plastic bags in some large supermarkets in Guangzhou is 10000. For this alone, let's have a good understanding of the nearly 600000 tons of ABS waste produced every year, which is growing at a rate of 6% every year

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