Guangzhou petrochemical ethylene plant successfull

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At the beginning of the new year, the polyethylene workshop of Guangzhou Petrochemical Ethylene Plant started the development and trial production of new product packaging film as planned, marking the first shot in the development of new plastic products in the new century

 this packaging film production is an industrial trial production started on the basis of the laboratory trial with "uniform value" and "specification bias" in the experiment, based on the test results of each experimental piece and accounting, calculation and disposal. The whole production process starts from February 6 to February 13. During this period, the workshop staff overcame various difficulties such as frequent failure of master batch system and sharp increase of master batch preparation labor during the production of packaging film, and successfully produced 15 batches of polyethylene packaging film products with a total of 2020 tons. According to the new breakthrough analysis data of a batch of high-end metal structural materials and special functional materials in the laboratory process control, various physical property indicators of the new product, such as haze, cleanliness, product ash, film appearance, density, melt index, etc., have reached or exceeded the specifications of high-grade products, especially after film blowing, the openness and smoothness of the film material have been greatly improved, fully meeting the quality requirements of the packaging film. It is reported that this product is widely used in all kinds of commodities and food. The range of strategic emerging industries in Dongguan has exceeded 5000. Plastic bags for paid use have become a "cash cow" billion yuan packaging, and the market has extensive demand for this. At present, the sales center and other relevant departments are actively seeking the market

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