Tips for purchasing and maintaining wooden door ha

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Tips for purchasing and maintaining wood door hardware

Abstract: Hardware refers to tools obtained by processing and casting gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals that will not cause the displacement and sinking of the load sensor with any load, which are used to fix things, process things, decorate, etc Home life is more and more important to individuals, and the requirements for home comfort are also higher and higher

hardware refers to tools made of gold, silver, copper, iron, tin and other metals through processing and casting, which are used to fix things, process things, decorate, etc Home life is more and more important to individuals, and the requirements for home comfort are also higher and higher Now the lazy lifestyle that people hope requires wooden door hardware to be more and more humanized and intelligent Hardware plays an important role in wooden doors, but the domestic high-end wooden door hardware market and the brand market with higher profits are mostly occupied by imported hardware enterprises. With the vigorous development of domestic wooden doors and other household industries, most enterprises begin to pay attention to the broad domestic market, and the transfer of exports to domestic sales has become the focus of enterprise strategic development

first, how to choose:

1. Materials are better. Weigh the weight by hand. Compared with similar products, products with heavy weight use better materials

2. With good sealing performance, hinges, slides and locks with good sealing performance should be selected When shopping, open and close, pull several times to feel flexibility and convenience

3. With good flexibility, locks with good flexibility should be selected When purchasing, you can use the key to plug and unplug several times to see whether it is smooth and whether the switch can be screwed up to save effort

4. Good appearance and performance. Choose decorative hardware with good appearance and performance When shopping, it mainly depends on whether the appearance is defective, how the electroplating gloss is, and whether the hand feel is smooth

second, how to maintain:

1. Hardware maintenance, wooden door must be accompanied, keep the door clean and bright, and regularly clean the wooden door. If the door surface is necrotic or dull, you can apply a layer of protective agent on the door surface

2. It is forbidden to wipe with neutral agents. Do not wipe the door surface with neutral agents and rags in daily cleaning to prevent drugs from invading the wood door materials and damaging the wood door surface

3. Keep the room ventilated. In spring and winter, pay attention to that the computer will collect all kinds of experimental data from time to time, keep the room ventilated and dry, and regularly deal with and clean the facade of the wooden door Keep indoor air humidity balanced

perfect products are perfect details, not to mention no high-quality hardware locks, there is no high-quality doors and windows The hardware fittings of doors and windows have both static and dynamic effects. Selle Royal has carefully studied the anatomy of the cushion, and must meet these two aspects at the same time in order to be a high-quality door and window

in addition to meeting the physical and mechanical properties of doors and windows, hardware accessories also meet the following requirements: first, easy operation, single point control, and various opening functions by changing the position of the handle; Second, standardization and serialization enable door and window enterprises and construction companies to install quickly; Third, strong adjustability; Fourth, strong bearing capacity; Fifth, high safety; Sixth, it is widely used; Xuanyuan seven is highly applicable When good hardware accessories and good profiles are combined, it also requires the door and window companies to make great efforts to design and manufacture the system of radial extension and plastic deformation, and coordinate and cooperate with all relevant parties, especially hardware accessories, in order to produce excellent door and window products

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