It is common for the hottest food labels to be use

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It is common for food labels to be used beyond the time limit.

it is not uncommon for famous brand labels to be used after expiration. The outer package of a brand of linggao powder in Guangxi and the corresponding pendulum white jelly is printed with the 2008 Guangxi famous brand logo; The 2007 Guangxi high-quality agricultural products (market stock bar trading point) logo is printed on a brand of crisp melon king in Guangxi; The seeds produced by a Shandong science and Technology Co., Ltd. are printed with Chinese famous brand words and Chinese famous brand product logo on the package. The Chinese famous brand product logo has expired in 2011, but the seed production date is marked as December 20, 2012, which is obviously produced after the expiration of the logo; Recently, the two famous brands of red can herbal tea have rekindled the war. It is understood that it also involves the extended use of trademarks; A well-known brand of coffee was also involved in the trademark infringement case

consumer: return my quality

Ms. Liu, who lives in Shenzhen, spent 18 yuan to buy a box of imported jam called Tiptree in a community bakery. Later, after scanning with software, she found that in January 1997, the product was quickly converted from a/D to digital signal. In February, the trademark of the product had been cancelled. I've never eaten this kind of jam, because I bought it when the product was still within the shelf life according to the production date. I didn't expect to sweep it away with such a big problem. I must be afraid to eat now. Ms. Liu said to me. We also learned that the food (market zone) safety test report of this product is also problematic. The production address of jam is inconsistent with the address written on the test report, but it is certain that the food company involved illegally uses the trademark that has been cancelled

in the interview, a food store owner who did not want to be named told that it was not uncommon for food labels to be out of service. Don't think what is written on the label is true. Take the green food logo for example. There are many kinds of similar logos alone. It's difficult for consumers who are not very careful to find them by adding a word and changing a word slightly. Even the date can be changed at will. Some of these logos have no certification at all, and some of them have expired and are still in use. The standard of green food is higher than that of pollution-free food, and most supermarkets sell pollution-free food, but ordinary consumers may not know the difference between the two. He said. It is understood that the green food label is uniformly certified and managed by the China Green Food Development Center. According to the "green food label management measures", the validity period is 3 years. The staff of the food supervision department told that the formal green food packaging has green food logo and enterprise information code, and the relevant information about green food logo can also be found on the station of the agricultural department. In case of extended service, you can report to the agricultural or industrial and commercial goat detection department

this article briefly introduces the operator of the spring testing machine. Xia Lianfa, the French senior inspector of organic products, said that the certificate of organic food is certified once a year. At the time of purchase, consumers have the right to require operators to show certificates. And the validity of all formal organic food certificates can be found on Chinese organic food products

insiders: supervision needs to be strengthened.

the extended service of famous brand products in various places occurs frequently. Consumers are disappointed with enterprises, but also question the relevant regulatory authorities. According to the regulations, the local quality and technical supervision department has timely notified the relevant enterprises of the expired famous brand trademarks, and carefully supervised and managed the use of brand product logos within its jurisdiction

Huang Jiuhua, a lawyer who has studied trademark law for a long time, said that at present, some well-known brands and famous trademarks in China are used disorderly, which is inseparable from the weak supervision of relevant departments. In addition, the general public knows little about the validity period of the use of well-known labels, which gives some illegal enterprises the opportunity to exploit loopholes, so that they can continue to use expired product labels

according to the "measures for the administration of Chinese famous brand products", Article 27 of the measures stipulates that the titles and marks of Chinese famous brand products can only be used on products with recognized models and specifications, and the scope of use shall not be expanded. Products that have not won the title of Chinese famous brand products shall not falsely use the logo of Chinese famous brand products; Products that have been suspended or revoked the title of Chinese famous brand products, and products that have not reapplied or failed to pass the reapplication beyond the validity period shall not continue to use the logo of Chinese famous brand products; It is forbidden to transfer or forge the marks of Chinese famous brand products and their unique or similar marks. Violators will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China on the fraudulent use of quality marks

insiders said that the regulations and management methods are very clear, but in practice, there is the problem of multi head management, which may be the crux of the regulatory difficulties

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