It is an indisputable fact that the most popular r

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It is an indisputable fact that the recent economic trend is sluggish and has fallen into deep adjustment. Due to the serious shortage of demand in the global market, domestic g

instruments and meters are widely used in enterprise open-loop control, also known as valve port control. Human will is fully exerted, scientific research and production and other fields. In the field of education, they are mainly used in school laboratory construction and teaching. Driven by the strong market demand and guided by the national macro-control policy, China's instrument industry shows a rapid and healthy development trend. According to the actions of major instrument enterprises around the world, it is not difficult for us to find that digital, intelligent and networked instrument products will become the mainstream of the market. In addition to the further improvement of products, engineering and project integration technology, software development, application and maintenance services will become new growth points of the industry

the emergence of digital technology has increased the measurement and control accuracy, sensitivity, speed and reliability of analog instruments by several orders of magnitude, laying a good foundation for the realization of measurement and control automation. With the introduction of computer, the function of the instrument has changed qualitatively, from the measurement of individual parameters to the measurement of the characteristic parameters of the whole system, from simple reception and display to control, analysis, processing, calculation and display output, from measurement with a single instrument to measurement with a measurement system. In the 1990s, the breakthrough in measurement control and instrumentation technology was the improvement of the intelligent degree of instrumentation, which improved the work efficiency; The advent of DSP chips has greatly strengthened the digital signal processing function of instruments and meters; With the development of microcomputer, instruments and meters have stronger data processing ability and image processing function; Fieldbus technology is a kind of network communication technology for various field automation equipment and its control system, which has developed rapidly in the 1990s. Internet and Intranet technology will also enter the control field. Modern instruments and meters will develop in the direction of digitalization, networking, intelligence and integration. Interdisciplinary comprehensive design and sophisticated manufacturing technology enable it to obtain all-round information of the analyzed, detected and controlled objects at a higher speed, more sensitive, more reliable and more simply

portable, hand-held and even personalized instruments and meters have developed greatly. With the development of production and the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to their own quality of life and health. Instruments and meters that detect the quality of various commodities and food closely related to people's life, and various medical instruments that prevent and treat diseases are an important trend in the future. Scientific instruments are on-site and real-time, especially for families and individuals. Therefore, the health status and disease warning instruments and meters that should be used with a single rod piston cylinder will have great development

the application status and latest development speed of domestic instrument technology are relatively slow. At present, the current situation of China's instrument industry is complete, with a certain industry foundation. In developing countries, it is "upstream", but there is a significant gap with developed countries. Subject to the conditions of system, mechanism, economy, comprehensive level of science and technology, management, talents and so on, this method can be implemented. Enterprises are "many, scattered, weak", scientific and technological development ability is not strong, and there is a gap in product stability and reliability. The market has a situation that high-grade products are dominated by foreign investment and imports, and medium and low-grade products are dominated by Chinese funded enterprises. Moreover, due to the comparative advantages of market scale, human cost, industry foundation and so on, some large quantities A wide range of products will become the main force of production and export

the domestic instrument industry still has problems such as low technical level and weak development ability. The problems of product reliability and stability are still prominent, and users have strong reactions; The complete set rate of major engineering projects decreased (from 80% of the "Eighth Five Year Plan" to about 50%); High end products are mainly occupied by foreign products, especially the core control systems and technologies in large-scale precision instruments and complete sets of projects are basically dependent on imports; Medium grade products are facing strong impact; After joining the WTO, the situation is more serious. In terms of the overall structure of the industry, the strength specialized in basic, forward-looking, strategic and major special research on the development of the industry is weak and scattered. Due to the weak scientific and technological foundation of the industry, the poor ability of independent development and innovation, and the lack of main products and technologies (including software and hardware) with independent intellectual property rights, most of the core development technologies and high-tech products of most important products still come from abroad. CAD, cat, cam, CNC machine tools, machining centers, surface mount and flexible machining technologies that have long been popular in the world have not been widely used in the industry. There are few special and key technologies suitable for the production characteristics of instruments and meters; The management of production organization, technology, operation, personnel and labor employment system is seriously incompatible with the industrial characteristics

at present, most domestic enterprises have problems such as heavy burden, high debt operation, low self financing ability, poor investment and financing channels, which makes the overall investment in R & D and transformation low. Most enterprises' R & D investment accounts for less than 2% of sales revenue, and only a few enterprises account for 5%, which is not conducive to the technological progress of enterprises

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