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Building a sub packaging center has become the consensus of the industry

-- Speech by Jin Xiangzuo, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association and President of sub packaging center, at the Sixth National Congress of China Packaging Technology Association

Dear leaders, colleagues and friends in the packaging industry:

in golden autumn October, our colleagues in the packaging industry gathered in Beijing to attend the "Sixth National Congress" of China Packaging Technology Association, Jointly study and discuss the strategies and measures for the development of China's packaging industry and the construction of a powerful packaging country. China Jintai group, as the leader of the implementation of the Asian packaging center of the World Packaging Organization (hereinafter referred to as the Asian Packaging Center), please allow me to take this opportunity to report to all leaders and colleagues about the construction of the Asian packaging center

approved by the World Packaging Organization (wp0) and the former State Economic and Trade Commission, the Asian packaging center, as the first world industrial center established by an international organization in China, has been implemented in Hangzhou. The settlement and implementation of the Asian packaging center in Hangzhou has received the strong support of leaders such as Qiu Chunfu, the old president of the Chinese Packaging Association and Shi Wanpeng of Xinhui, as well as all aspects. For this reason, on behalf of the Asian packaging center, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks

the former president of the World Packaging Organization, Serge haberfeld, said, "the construction of the Asian packaging center should be regarded as a major event in the world packaging industry. As the president of the World Packaging Organization, I will pay attention to and support the construction of the center with the majority of members." Before and after the "Asian packaging center" was settled in China, Zhu Rongji, Wu Bangguo, Wang Zhongyu and other state leaders, Li Rongrong, former director of the State Economic and Trade Commission, and other relevant leading comrades attached great importance to it and made important instructions. In order to choose the city to implement the Asian package center, Hangzhou won the most favorable policies and a good investment environment to settle down on the Bank of Xizi Lake in the competition of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangyin, Jiangsu and Zhongshan, Guangdong. At present, Hangzhou has set up a leading group for the construction of the Asian packaging center. Now, after the careful planning of the provincial and municipal governments and experts inside and outside the week, the construction of the "Asian package center" has begun in an all-round way on the Bank of the Qianjiang River

"Asian packaging center" is a world-wide industrial center integrating manufacturing, science and education, information, R & D, trade, culture, finance and services. Under the leadership of China Packaging Federation and the leading group for the construction of Asian packaging center, led by China Jintai group and leading enterprises in the packaging industry at home and abroad, Asian Packaging Center Co., Ltd. was established to implement it. The overall development planning area of the "Asian package center" is more than 100 square kilometers (the initial planning area of Hangzhou is 35 square kilometers), and the total planned investment and direct investment is more than 20billion US dollars. After completion, the annual sales output value can reach more than 30billion US dollars, and the annual import and export trade volume can reach 15billion US dollars. The "sub Contracting Center" will also gradually establish branch centers, branches and offices in other places at home and abroad. The construction of the "Asian packaging center" is of great significance for China to welcome the transfer of the world's advanced manufacturing industry to China after China's accession to the WTO, promote China to move forward from a "big packaging country" to a "powerful packaging country", enhance the international competitiveness of China's products, and promote the development of China's national economy. The strategy of "sub packaging center": the first goal is to build a "world advanced packaging manufacturing center". According to this goal, the processing zone is planned to comply with the trend that the world packaging manufacturing center is gradually transferring to China, attract excellent and strong leading packaging enterprises to gather here with their own advantages, form an "integration" effect and agglomeration radiation function, cultivate a number of world brands and multinational companies, and promote the optimization and upgrading of the whole packaging industrial structure. The processing zone plans to introduce more than 100 large and medium-sized enterprises (with an investment of more than 12 billion US dollars), and introduce R & D and trade in time to form a new packaging industry chain

in addition to the processing zone, another problem that has plagued the recycling of plastics for many years is that the headquarters of the sub packaging center, including science and education center, R & D center, information center, trade center, financial center, cultural center, service center, etc., has a planned investment of us $8billion. The landmark buildings Yabao building and the central business district built in the headquarters area will be extended to more than 1000 member countries of the World Packaging Organization, intercontinental packaging organizations, international industry organizations related to them, as well as large companies, groups, enterprises in the park, etc., to provide office agencies and headquarters for them. At that time, it will also strive for the Asian Packaging Organization and the international packaging technical standards committee to move here, The World Packaging Organization will also set up an agency here. The headquarters of the Asian packaging center will become a "small United Nations" in the world packaging industry

the construction of "sub Contracting Center" adopts a combination of unified planning, comprehensive investment attraction, phased implementation and rolling development, integrates the advantages of government, industry and enterprises, and implements a functional, market-oriented and international operation. At present, the Asian Packaging Center Co., Ltd. has been established, and the investment attraction work has been carried out in an all-round way. An endless stream of Chinese and foreign excellent and strong enterprises have come to visit, negotiate and sign contracts, and the first foreign investor has signed a cooperation agreement on the landmark Yabao building project, with a total investment of US $100million. Negotiate with in Hong Kong, and have the intention to jointly establish the sub package information center, with a total investment of more than US $500 million (US $100 million in the first phase). It has signed an industrial project with Thailand Thai Indian Enterprise Co., Ltd. 3. The investment of US $30million in spray free modified engineering plastics has been settled in the processing zone and mobilized for construction. There are also a number of leading domestic and foreign packaging enterprises under negotiation, including one of the world's top 500 industrial enterprises: the industry intends to invest more than 500 million US dollars. International packaging machinery alliance, British Packaging Organization, Japan and other foreign institutions came to visit and reached a comprehensive cooperation intention. Recently, nearly 20 Chinese businessmen, including the European and American Investment Association and the Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in the United States, jointly made a comprehensive investigation on the Asian package center, and one after another expressed that they would fully participate in the construction, and signed an investment letter of intent of up to US $1billion for the Asian package center trade center, guild hall and the establishment of European and American parks

leaders, colleagues and friends: the construction of the Asian packaging center is a major event in our industry, and has also been listed as the top priority of our future work by the "Sixth National Congress" report of the China Packaging Federation. The Zhejiang provincial government has regarded the Asian packaging center as one of the ten advanced manufacturing bases in the province. I think, first of all, the sub package center is the sub package center of our packaging industry. It is our common cause and provides us with a big platform for future development. Its huge international and domestic resources allow us to share, especially the most preferential policies and the best entrepreneurial environment are incomparable. Let's work together to build Yabao Zhongxin into a world advanced packaging manufacturing center, an "aircraft carrier" of the world's packaging industry, and make greater contributions to building China into a packaging power

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