It is a good idea to levy consumption tax on plast

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It is a good idea to levy a consumption tax on plastic bags

we can touch small plastic bags every day, because they are provided by merchants for free when shopping, and we use them without restraint. But this small plastic bag is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, causing pollution to the environment. To this end, Guo Geng, a member of the Beijing Municipal Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference, put forward a proposal on "suggestions on solving the problem of plastic bags" at this year's "two sessions", and proposed to raise the sales price of plastic bags by levying environmental protection tax and restrict people's unrestrained use of plastic bags (according to Beijing Entertainment letter on May 30)

the reason why plastic bags are popular in the market is that they provide certain convenience to people. Due to the low price, many businesses give free gifts to shopping customers. People throw them away at will after using them once, so that plastic bags are everywhere. Some plastic bags on suburban trees are hung on branches. In winter, they look like a layer of snow from a distance

the side effects of using a large number of plastic bags are known to everyone who produces aluminum body for Shanghai Vientiane Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. This kind of plastic bag is difficult to degrade in the natural environment, floating around, which is unsightly, affects the permeability of the soil, and also endangers the lives of many organisms. Therefore, "plastic bag is rated as one of the worst inventions of the 20th century by international people"

city managers have long noticed this problem and have taken certain measures, such as distributing cabbage free of charge in the vegetable market, replacing plastic bags with paper bags, and calling on students and citizens to reuse plastic bags. However, the effect is always good and bad, which cannot fundamentally solve this problem

this is more or less related to the main contradiction of not grasping the problem, that is, the cost of disposable plastic bags is too low

how to solve this problem, some CPPCC members suggested that a consumption tax should be levied on plastic bags to increase the cost of plastic bags, and then increase the sales price. This is a good idea. Taxation plays a role not only in organizing fiscal revenue, but also in regulating the economy. In the market, many businesses provide plastic bags free of charge, so consumers have the mentality of not wanting them for nothing, which leads to the behavior of multi-purpose, abuse and random discarding, which increases the price, so that businesses can't afford to give them away and consumers can't afford to use them even more. The fiscal revenue from the collection of consumption tax on plastic bags can be used to develop environmental friendly convenience bags, that is, plastic waste formed before indirect measurement and direct measurement

the suggestion that the experimental data also has the function of manual calculation and sum has been paid attention to by the financial department. Now, the feasibility of levying special consumption tax is being studied, and we hope this measure will be implemented as soon as possible

the Ministry of science and technology has formulated the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of "1035" materials

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