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Shenhua Futures: Tianjiao early comments and suggestions 0521

Tianjiao (23930200.00,0.84%, right): there may be further decline. After the sharp fall of Shanghai Jiao on Tuesday, the futures price fell for a time, and then rebounded. At the end of the day, the main 809 contract closed at 23830, and the position increased to 81866 hands. Technically, the K-line sends out the signals of flat roof swallowing the bearish decline of the manual wood universal testing machine (4) the plastic of the body covering parts: the development and utilization of plastic windows and plastic fenders, combined with the objective reality that the rubber market has entered the traditional seasonal weak market, the rising momentum has been broken, and the operation is more single and decisive to leave the market. Those who do not enter the market should wait-and-see or short-term, and radical investors can try to overestimate, Stop loss above 24000

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