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The glass futures fluctuated downward, so it's better to watch carefully.

today, the glass futures fluctuated downward. The main 1405 contract closed at 1281 yuan/ton, down 21 yuan/ton, or 1.61%. The trading volume was 474000, a decrease of 12000, and the position was 292000, an increase of 21000

strategically, today's futures price opened low and fluctuated, weak consolidation, and the early low was temporarily supported, but the key support of 1290 yuan/ton was broken. It is suggested to maintain a wait-and-see

the market trend in East China is flat, and the production and sales of various production enterprises are average. Zhangjiagang China Resources 5mm flat glass prices reported 1544 yuan/ton, flat; The price of 5mm flat glass of Kunshan Taibo was flat at 1664 yuan/ton

according to the tradition of previous years, it is customary to adjust the price of glass in January to the material of insole as polycarbonate. On the one hand, the market demand decreases and the contradiction between supply and demand increases; On the other hand, production enterprises lack operating funds and need to ship at a low price; Moreover, storing goods in winter is also an important way for circulation channels to increase economic benefits, which can be tested by oil pump diameter. The operating conditions of enterprises in January this year are better than last year. Coupled with the pressure of environmental protection policies, the downward range of prices may be lower than that of the same period last year

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