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Advantages and application of in mold labeling technology

in mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite a long time, and its in mold label production and in mold labeling machine production and application have been very mature. Inmouldlabe1 is a new form of label packaging that is different from traditional label packaging. Its emergence has brought great innovation to label packaging. In mold labeling has been popular in some European and American countries for many years. At present, more than half of the products in developed countries in the world have used in mold labeling technology

in mold labeling system is mainly used for blow molded products. With the continuous emergence of experimental machines in the market, the in mold labeling technology uses the in mold labeling machine to put the trademark (in mold label) manufactured by special process into the mold cavity while blowing the plastic hollow products. Through the action of high temperature and high pressure, the labeling and blowing of hollow products are completed synchronously. Compared with the traditional self-adhesive label labeling method, it simplifies the production process and greatly improves the productivity

the advantage of in mold label is that the label and plastic products are the same type of plastic resin, which can be fused into one under high temperature in the mold. Combined with nature, it has the characteristics of water-proof, oil-proof, mold proof, etc. it is not easy to fall off in various harsh environments, and the trademark is more beautiful. Moreover, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, simplifying the regeneration process and taking into account environmental protection, which is consistent with the current environmental protection theme advocated at home and abroad. Highlight the main role of enterprises and give play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation. Because the in mold labeling system (including the production of in mold labels and the application of in mold labeling machine) is relatively complex, it also reduces the possibility of counterfeiting, which provides a very reliable means of brand protection for users and manufacturers of plastic packaging products who pursue quality, quality and brand. Therefore, Hollow packaging products produced by in mold labeling technology are more and more popular with users. After a year or two of wait-and-see in the domestic market, in mold labels have finally begun to be applied on a large scale, attracting the attention of more and more insiders and end users

in the past, blow molding machines equipped with imported in mold labeling system were 3o-4o% more expensive than ordinary blow molding machines. The price bottleneck deterred the majority of users, and delayed the promotion speed of in mold labeling technology to a certain extent. At present, after the hard work of the engineering and technical personnel of relevant domestic equipment manufacturers, we finally have the self-developed in mold labeling machine products, whose price is only about one-half to one-third of the imported products. The product performance has reached and exceeded that of similar imported equipment, and has been successfully applied to production, resulting in great economic and social benefits

at this stage, new functional materials for in mold labeling in China are the foundation and pilot technology for national economic, social development and national defense construction. The application of technology is still in its infancy. 3D printers with high price labels do not encourage experiments with new materials (such as solder alloys and ceramics). Blow molding machines equipped with in mold labeling machines account for a low proportion of the users of blow molding machines, but they have broad market demand. Looking forward to the future, In mold labeling technology will be vigorously promoted and applied in China

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