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Moog announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation agreement with re:test company of the United States

(November 19, 2008, Shanghai) – Moog industrial group (hereinafter referred to as Moog company), as the world's leading supplier and solution provider of high-performance aerospace and automotive test systems, recently cooperated with re:test consulting training and resources of the United States, Inc (hereinafter referred to as re:test) has reached a strategic cooperation agreement that we should pay more attention to wiping during the war and rainy season, and will jointly provide consulting and training services in China. This agreement further shows that Moog company not only provides first-class global technical solutions, but also is committed to providing strong technical consulting and training programs to ensure that customers give full play to the ability of test equipment to obtain accurate results

Mr. Lars Rasmussen, general manager of MOOG's Greater China region, said: "re:test company has strong technical expertise and additional resources, which can help customers understand how to make better use of vehicle structure and fatigue testing system." He also said, "Re:test has a good performance in providing consulting, training services and resources to major automobile manufacturers in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Moog company has always had good cooperation with it in other fields. Today, the two sides can further expand their cooperation relationship and introduce their consulting and training services to the Chinese market in strict accordance with the standards, which fully shows our confidence and expectation in the Chinese automobile testing market Look. "

the consulting services and training plans to be provided by both parties in China include:

· design of testing laboratory Construction and commissioning

· structural testing

· shock resistance testing

· abnormal sound testing

· vehicle testing

· parts testing

· fatigue testing

· dynamic impact and vibration testing

· field data collection and field data analysis

· real-time testing (time waveform reproduction – TWR)

"By promoting advanced vehicle testing methods, testing technologies, skills and testing standards, Moog company and re:test company aim to further promote the improvement of vehicle quality and performance, and hope to help Chinese automobile manufacturers and their testing engineers grow rapidly through these excellent services," said Nigel Linden, President of retest company

about Moog

Moog industrial group has long been committed to manufacturing high-performance motion control solutions using electromechanical, hydraulic and electro-hydraulic hybrid technologies. Its electro-hydraulic servo technology has created a new era of high-precision control. At the same time, it has also made Muge company a pioneer and leader in the design and manufacture of electro-hydraulic servo components and electro-hydraulic servo systems and later electromechanical control components and electromechanical control systems all over the world. With professional collaboration support, Moog serves many fields around the world, including plastic and rubber, metal molding, textile industry, power generation, testing and simulation. Muge industrial group assists performance driven enterprises to jointly design and develop the latest generation of machines and equipment. In 2007, the sales volume of MOOG industrial group was about 436 million US dollars. Its business covers 27 countries in the world and belongs to Moog Inc. of the United States, which is a listed enterprise on the New York Stock Exchange (Stock Code: mog.a and Mog1, adding appropriate cooling medium to the cooling tank of the low-temperature tank. B), with an annual sales volume of more than 1.5 billion US dollars. This global operation ensures that Mogg industrial group can pay close attention to the needs of machine manufacturers, so as to provide convenient and flexible services

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