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October diethylene glycol monthly market review and November market outlook

October is the first time that China is on the trend of environmental protection and energy conservation of building materials. Crude oil closed at a record high, and the transaction price of diethylene glycol in the external market remained high. The price of goods arriving in Hong Kong in October was not less than US $1200 patent production/T (CFR). Market traders supported the price. The monthly mainstream transaction increased compared with September, but the increase was slightly inferior. The performance of downstream resins has not brought obvious impact to the market, and some concessions must be made. Under the condition of stable demand, the domestic inventory level of diethylene glycol is still not low, the subsequent arrival is normal, and some traders have shipment pressure, so the market is difficult to rise quickly. As of October 30, the mainstream transaction price in East China market was 10800 ~ 10850 yuan/t, up 150 yuan/t from the same period in September, and the imported CFR China was 1225 dollars/t, up 45 dollars/t from the same period in September

judging from the current situation, it is expected that the diethylene glycol internal market may continue to consolidate in a narrow range in the short term, and the upward momentum is still insufficient; The price will remain high in external negotiations

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