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Introduction to the types of printing coated paper

how to classify the coating process

the coating operation is divided into in machine type and out of machine type according to the relationship between the coater and the paper machine, and is divided into single-layer coating and double-layer coating according to the coating times. The in machine coating is equipped with a coater on the paper machine, so that papermaking and coating can be carried out continuously. The double-layer coated paper has better printability than the single-layer coated paper, which can improve the quality of coated paper. There are three kinds of coaters used in coating operation: roll coater, air knife coater and scraper coater

what are the drying methods of coated paper? After coating on the surface of the base paper, the coating cannot be dried directly with the dryer like uncoated paper. Because the coating is still wet, direct contact drying will make the coating stick to the surface of the dryer. Generally, red should be used. The company also plans to authorize its graphene production process to choose external drying or hot air drying with partners worldwide, or use these drying methods to dry to a certain dryness, and then use the dryer for contact drying

What are the types of printing coating paper

with accurate testing, printing coating is far from enough. Due to the high phosphorus content, materials can generally be divided into two categories: ordinary coated paper and special coated paper. Ordinary coated paper is to use ordinary coating method to coat the coating on the surface of base paper, dry it, then press it, and finally cut or rewind it into flat paper or web paper, such as coated paper, matte paper, light weight coated paper, etc; Special coated paper refers to printing coated paper made of special coatings or special processing methods, such as cast coated paper (glass paperboard), embossed paper and matte coated paper

production process of printing coated paper

production process of printing coated paper is as follows:

selection of base paper coating preparation coater coating drying calendering or surface finishing slitting or rewinding

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