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With the Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the "moon cake war" of businesses is also intensifying. According to media reports, a hotel in Tianjin has launched a so-called "pure gold moon cake gift box", which contains eight moon cakes in a delicate mahogany box, with a 50g pure gold moon cake in the center, and the price of each box is as high as 99999 yuan. In addition, the packaging style is also extremely complex, often with small packages inside the large packages. At the same time, the "tie-in style" prevails in the sales of moon cakes. Moon cakes are matched with foreign wine, famous cigarettes, top-grade tea, and even watches to improve the value creativity and market competitiveness of enterprises

as a traditional festival of the Chinese people, moon cakes were originally the carrier of blessing or emotional reunion, and a combination of the development of humanistic spirit. But now this warm moon cake is gradually "changing its flavor", turning into moon cake corruption and moon cake pollution. In fact, businesses understand this truth too much, but in the face of high profits, seizing business opportunities to make money is the first. Various merchants took the opportunity to make a big fuss on the moon cakes. Following the filling of Yanchi abalone in succession a few years ago, they also racked their brains to force the gold and silver jewelry of "hunger is not edible, cold is not clothing" into the moon cakes, making the value of the moon cakes soar. However, there is no shortage of buyers of mooncakes that are prone to thousands of yuan

according to the salesperson of the moon cake counter, these beautifully packaged moon cakes have sold well since they came into the market, and they can sell more than a dozen boxes in the best day. Insiders said that the cost price of an ordinary moon cake is usually only 1-3 yuan, and the maximum experimental force is 600kN;, After luxury packaging or "hitchhiking" various gifts, the value of ordinary mooncakes has doubled sharply - a box of mooncakes with a cost price of only dozens of yuan can be sold for hundreds or even thousands of yuan. The high profits make more and more manufacturers compete to manufacture "luxury mooncakes". On the one hand, high profits gave birth to a large number of "luxury moon cakes"; On the other hand, public consumption is always happy, which is the main reason why "luxury moon cakes" can be popular. Since excessive packaging and "hitchhiking" can make money, several food manufacturers are willing to study the improvement of moon cake ingredients to make them more suitable for today's people's taste and healthier for human body. For many years, the problem of "sweet" and "greasy" moon cakes generally reflected by the majority of consumers has not been solved, and there is no sign that manufacturers want to solve it. This is also the fundamental reason why the packaging of moon cakes is new year after year, and the taste is the same for decades. To put it bluntly, the "taste" of the moon cake has not changed, and the "taste" of the moon cake has changed. Some manufacturers have made great efforts to make an issue of moon cake packaging, which will undoubtedly cause a sharp increase in garbage after the holiday, which will not only increase the workload of garbage removal, but also cause a waste of resources and environmental pollution. It is understood that many countries have formulated strict management regulations on product packaging, for example, the packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the product value, and the packaging material should not be greater than one tenth of the volume of the packaged material. Relevant departments can completely eliminate irrelevant items from the moon cake gift box by specifying the quantity ratio and price ratio of moon cake packaging. People of insight are calling for packaging legislation to regulate the production and sales of moon cakes, so that moon cakes return to their true colors

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