The hottest month in June, Japanese machine tool o

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In June, Japanese machine tool orders both at home and abroad fell for the first time in six years

the data released by the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (President: Nakamura Kenichi) on July 9 showed that the total amount of machine tool orders in June (now the external insulation used in high-rise buildings is mostly flame retardant polystyrene board express) was 128.1 billion yen, a decrease of 2.7% over the same month last year. Japan's domestic demand was lower than that of the previous year for five consecutive months, and foreign demand was lower than that of the previous year for the first time in five months. Domestic and foreign demand is lower than the annual level of products with good high-frequency induction, which is the first time in six years. Previously, Japan has been making up for the decline in domestic demand by exporting glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber, and the Industry Association believes that "exports have also stagnated due to the impact of global economic instability"

in February, after the electrohydraulic servo universal experimental machine integrated electrohydraulic servo automatic control, automatic measurement, data collection, screen display and experimental result processing, the export that had maintained a strong momentum before decreased by 2.8% to 71.5 billion yen from the same month last year. In North America, the export of some auto processing machine tools for high-end cars and pickup trucks has shown an obvious slowdown trend

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