The hottest moon cake battle in Zhangzhou quietly

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Zhangzhou moon cake war quietly staged, packaging "burden reduction" stuffing "competition"

it is still a month away from the Mid Autumn Festival, but Zhangzhou moon cake war has quietly staged. Yesterday, the guide visited supermarkets, hotels and bakery brand stores and found that mooncakes had been put on shelves one after another

in order to seize the moon cake market in advance, this year's moon cakes have reduced the burden on the packaging, but they are making a big fuss on the filling of moon cakes, striving for novelty and high-end. According to the different materials used, the prices are naturally divided into 369, ranging from 35 yuan in bulk to nearly 1000 yuan in luxury

moon cake packaging burden reduction

the newspaper guide found that the outer packaging of moon cake boxes on the market has changed the heavy and thick image of previous years, and has become relatively fresh and lively, and it is much lighter to hold. The packaging material of the gift box is mainly paper packaging, supplemented by bamboo boxes and iron boxes

a senior person in the baking industry said that now new chain brands in the baking industry are emerging in endlessly, and the market competition is fierce, and everyone is fighting for market share. Although everyone's production costs have been rising in recent years, many food enterprises dare not raise the price of moon cakes significantly, but transfer the digestion costs through packaging or other aspects. In the past, it took a lot of trouble to make the package so large that the price was pasted on it. Now businesses are paying more attention to the taste of moon cakes, less gorgeous things, and more affordable. The citizen Lin who is shopping for moon cakes has his email address: Say it to Mr. axis

filling competition

in order to win customers, businesses are racking their brains on the filling of moon cakes

Chen, section chief of a bakery on Ruijing road in the urban area of Zhangzhou, said that we use glutinous rice dumplings with a very Q taste as the filling, which is not available in other families. In addition to sweet fillings, many people also began to like salty fillings. Before, there was basically only salted egg yolk, but moon cakes with salty fillings such as spicy chicken floss, scallops, shrimp, etc. have also become our main products this year

combined with local characteristics, yuejinmin, which also launched the tea series, has also developed noble, high-end and gorgeous non spray material cakes with different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging. Taiwan Oolong tea is selected as the representative of Jinxuan tea, Tieguanyin tea Rong, black tea rose Rong and so on

in addition, there are businesses that make heavy costs by airlifting dried fruits and seafood from abroad for stuffing. A bakery brand store this year mainly promotes Western-style dried fruit stuffing materials. With the "smart" sweet moon cakes, such as New Zealand blackcurrant, French cherry and European cranberry, it selects New Zealand deep-sea dried shrimp, dried black gold abalone and other nutritious stuffing. The traditional moon cakes of the East and the stuffing of western raw materials have become the favorite choice of many citizens

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