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Montreal will consider whether to ban plastic shopping bags

Denis Coderre, mayor of Montreal, said in early November that the matter would be discussed in 2015. He appointed R é al m é nard, a member of the executive committee responsible for environmental matters, to preside over the seminar

Coderre said on December 2 that some cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have taken relevant actions to restrict or ban plastic shopping bags. He has appointed Menard to conduct a public consultation to consult the public

the Montreal water resources, environment, sustainable development and large parks committee will discuss the possibility of implementing the ban face-to-face with local citizens and organizations. Relevant organizations include Quebec, environmental agencies, and the food and business association

"the experience of other cities and states that have banned such plastic bags will also be taken into account," Coderre said in the email, "Because Montreal hopes to provide technical support for plastic enterprises in Dongguan in the whole city in the future, evaluate the complete prohibition of plastic bags in retail stores, and study disposable shopping bags, paper bags, compostable plastic bags, and renewable plastic bags, including their impact and cost."

Monterey 9. Find the resonance relationship between parts, structure, packaging and transportation. With a population of about 1.65 million, Monterey is the second largest city in Canada and the ninth largest city in North America. In order to reduce the use of disposable plastic shopping bags, some stores in Montreal impose a tax of 5 cents on each reusable plastic bag

coderre did not mention the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) when referring to the negotiators. The association said it was surprised by Coderre's announcement at the executive committee meeting on November 4. A few days after Coderre released the announcement, CPIA said that Montreal's roadside recycling project recycled plastic bags and converted them into new bags or wood plastic composite floors. CPIA also cited a 2007 research report that pointed out that plastic bags accounted for less than 2% of household waste in Quebec

according to other reports, Montreal and CPIA have agreed to a five-year pilot PS recycling project. Polyform, located in Granby, Quebec, is a partner in this project and will be responsible for recycling PS and manufacturing construction products. Within a year, the pilot project recovered about 5500 pounds of PS at the LaSalle ecological center in Montreal

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"I want to remind citizens that it is very important to recycle appropriate materials correctly, and they are welcome to use the various services provided by the urban ecological center." Menard said at the press conference on November 27

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