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The monthly sales are stable at more than 3000, and these new cars are coming out

from the past, it has been ridiculed as "ppt car making", and then to the amazing appearance of the concept car, and then to the offline of the subsequent mass production car, many of the ambitions set by the new forces of car making can now see the results. This is true in terms of products and sales

recently, with the major car companies successively publishing sales data, the performance of the new forces of car making is also highly expected. Among the new forces of car making, there are five car companies that have announced their sales results: Weilai, ideal, Weima, Xiaopeng and Zero run. After several years of dormant hard work, how will the new forces of car making perform today

according to the latest official sales data released by Weilai automobile, 3533 vehicles were delivered in July, with a year-on-year increase of 322.1%. This is also the second highest monthly delivery performance after June this year, with sales exceeding 3000 for four consecutive months since 3155 vehicles were sold in April

in terms of specific models, 2610 vehicles were delivered in July, with a year-on-year increase of 287.8%. A total of 25754 vehicles have been delivered since listing; Weilai es8 delivered 923 vehicles in July, with a year-on-year increase of 462.8%. Since its listing, 23861 vehicles have been delivered in total. These two models have also become the source of all sales of Wei Lai

as the second model launched by Weilai, Weilai ES6 (parameter | picture) is more people-friendly in positioning than es8 (parameter | picture), which also makes it have a wider audience. In terms of product power, the official 100km acceleration in 4.7 seconds, the official braking performance in 33.9 seconds, and the maximum endurance of 510km also make the ES6 have excellent performance

of course, after the sales volume exceeded 3000 for many months in a row, Weilai is not willing to stop here. The third model of Weilai, Weilai ec6 (parameter | picture), which is listed in this year's Chengdu auto show, will also become another growth point of Weilai's future sales

as the sedan version of velai ES6, velai ec6 has similarities with ES6 in appearance, interior and powertrain, and the most significant change comes from its sliding back shape. With the addition of new products, Weilai has a model more suitable for young people, covering a wider group of car owners

since its establishment in 2014, Weilai has raised more than 50billion yuan, and the return presented under the large investment is actually visible to the naked eye. For example, on July 18, the 50000 volume production vehicles of Weilai automobile were rolled off the production line from Hefei manufacturing base, becoming the first new vehicle manufacturing force with a volume production of more than 50000 vehicles

however, this does not mean that Weilai can enjoy its success. Now the major problem restricting Weilai's sales is its production capacity, which is also the reason why Weilai now has a long collection cycle. Weilai Jianghuai factory is improving its production capacity, and will increase its production capacity by 25% to 5000 vehicles per month at the latest in September

in addition, on August 5, Suning also reached a strategic cooperation with Weilai automobile. The two sides will cooperate in the fields of channel expansion, consumer service, brand promotion, B2B cooperation, hotel business, intelligent manufacturing and so on, and set up a "Weilai exhibition hall" in Suning square to jointly build a smart retail experience store for automobiles

the implementation of new cars and new measures is also the efforts of Weilai automobile to break through the sales bottleneck. Although now it has become a new force in car making, Wei Lai has a higher ambition, which also makes people look forward to its subsequent sales

on August 4, Weima automobile released its July sales data of 2036 vehicles, and the light alloy will nearly double its appearance. The month on month growth was 34.9%, increasing for five consecutive months. The sales volume in the second quarter increased by 77.8% month on month, once again breaking the record of single month sales volume in the year. In addition to the good news of sales in a single month, Weima also announced that the cumulative sales of Weima Ex5 (parameter | picture) exceeded 30000 vehicles, ranking firmly as the champion of new force bicycle sales

as the best-selling single model at present, Weima Ex5 does not rely on the high-performance mode similar to the velai es8, but on the cost performance brought by the lower price. 14.. The price of 880000 yuan is very similar to the price of many fuel compact SUVs today

under this price, Weima Ex5 has 520 km of NEDC endurance, 8.3 seconds of official 100 km acceleration, L2 level driving assistance function, and high cost performance is also the biggest advantage of Weima Ex5

in addition, other information was mentioned in the good news released by Weima auto Weibo. For example, the average age of Weima car owners is 30.4 years old. The post-90s have become the main group in the market, followed by the post-85s. More technology and intelligence, as well as a more tolerant acceptance of new things, are the main reasons why young people choose Weima cars

at the same time, Weima automobile also announced that it has just been listed on the top 100 of the 2020 Hurun global Unicorn list just released by Hurun Research Institute, which proves the achievements of Weima, a young company, in technology and innovation

as for the future sales breakthrough, Weima is also making efforts to this end. It is reported that Weima plans to launch two SUVs and one sedan from the second half of the year to 2021, of which the endurance of the sedan can even reach 800km

in addition, for the expansion of offline points, Weima added 18 stores nationwide in July, with a total of 64 new stores since 2020. Together with 13 mainstream charging operators (technical problems of Jinan test steel hammer electronic universal testing machine, home appliances, special calls, etc.), Weima has access to 260 + cities across the country and 200000 public charging piles, which also enables Weima to have a better service system in the future

for Weima, the stable sales of Weima Ex5 has made it through the most dangerous period, and has also won the favor of new investors. In the future, how to revitalize the sales of Weima EX6 (parameters | pictures) and how to launch more products to cover a wider market have also become its new problems

recently, Xiaopeng officially announced its sales volume in July, but it is quite rare that it only announced the sales volume of Xiaopeng P7, and its delivery volume in July was 1641. In addition, the sales volume and total sales volume of Xiaopeng G3 have not been announced, so the analysis can only focus on Xiaopeng P7

as a new car launched on April 27, Xiaopeng P7 has actually suffered a lot of controversy in the past three months, most of which comes from the opacity of its sales volume. Therefore, it is also reported that Xiaopeng's sales volume in May was only more than 100

he Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng, also personally refuted the rumor, claiming that Xiaopeng P7 officially began to be delivered on June 28, which means that the sales volume in July is the normal sales performance of Xiaopeng P7. Compared with the first month sales of Weilai ES6 (1066 vehicles), Weilai es8 (1331 vehicles) and ideal one (1180 vehicles) which also increased the budget of the energy storage project, this performance was fairly good

as a mid to high-end pure electric coupe, the price ceiling of Xiaopeng P7 also exceeded 300000 yuan, but after the cost went up, Xiaopeng P7 also showed its due product strength. For example, the maximum range of 706km, the fastest 100 km acceleration of 4.3 seconds, brebo braking system, L2 level driving assistance. This kind of configuration far exceeds that of the same level, which is also the main reason why Xiaopeng P7 receives orders

of course, before that, Xiaopeng and many new forces of car manufacturing faced the same practical problem, that is, in the past, Xiaopeng G3 was only produced by Haima OEM, and the production capacity has been limited. Now, through the acquisition of Fudi automobile, Xiaopeng automobile has obtained the qualification to build cars, and the production capacity of Xiaopeng automobile has been further released from OEM to independent production

in addition, the high yield of Xiaopeng P7 also makes investors full of confidence in it. It completed nearly $500million (about 3.5 billion yuan) of c+ round financing on July 20, 2020, and it is also reported that it is expected to be favored by Alibaba group again. The latter may lead to an investment of $300million (about 2.1 billion yuan)

it is worth mentioning that Weima automobile is not the only domestic new energy vehicle enterprise selected into the top 100 of the 2020 Hurun global Unicorn list, but also Xiaopeng preheating (step 2) and purification in the continuous SSP reactor (step 3) are the key steps of purification efficiency in this process, which is also a great recognition of Xiaopeng automobile. At present, Xiaopeng P7 has gradually stepped on the right track and will become the main sales force of Xiaopeng in the future

after an epidemic in 2020, many of the weak new forces of car making in the footwall never stood up again. In the first half of the year, the sales of domestic new energy vehicles fell by 38.5% year-on-year, which can be said to have blocked the survival of many car companies

but even if the environment is so bad, there are still some car companies that survive in the dangerous situation and have made little achievements. But this is not proud. Compared with traditional car enterprises, the new forces of car making still have a long way to go. This may be a milestone, but it is by no means a post station worth resting and giving up to move on

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