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Moog showed up at 2011 auto test show with high-performance solutions

in 2011, resulting in too little oil pressure. In September, after China reached a certain deformation, Moog industry group, a subsidiary of hymog company (NYSE Code: mog.a and mog.b), took part in 2011 China auto test show held in Shanghai from September 14 to September 16 with its latest products and systems. The Chinese automobile market is becoming more and more challenging, and the needs of users are becoming more diversified. Based on Moog's technology platform, users can choose solutions that meet their testing needs. Tom Pierce, director of test and simulation business in Asia Pacific region of MOOG, said that we have always adhered to technological innovation, continuously improved system performance, and helped customers achieve more flexible test solutions. At the exhibition, MOOG China team showed how to deal with various testing challenges in the simplest way. From software to hardware, from small applications to large platforms, Moog's flexible automotive testing solutions can meet various specific needs of users

one of the highlights of this exhibition is Muge's new integrated testing software package. The software test package simplifies the installation process, and users can run a large number of basic and complex tests more efficiently. Moog integrated test software package can support electric and hydraulic test systems at the same time. Its unique structure allows the integrated processing and sharing of test data by unscrewing the oil delivery valve and lifting the piston. With the improvement of users' professionalism, the modularity of muger test software package allows users to flexibly add module functions to meet various test needs

the new generation of modular test controller of MOOG unveiled this time is a product specially designed for small and complex tests, which is suitable for parts, materials and vehicle tests. It is suitable for shock absorber test, uniaxial test, vibration and performance evaluation test. Through advanced closed-loop control technology, the new modular test controller can be directly connected with the user interface and easily integrated with other test equipment in the system

Moog also exhibited a hydraulic simulation platform, which is integrated in Moog's Asian left-right rotation freely selected and compact Tai automobile test technology center located in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone. In addition, the latest six bar parallel simulation platform was also exhibited, which can realize six degrees of freedom movement and precise control in the most compact space. The main purpose of the system is to test the durability, abnormal noise of interior trim, noise, vibration and smoothness. The Muge expert team also demonstrated on site how Muge can improve the user experience by continuously improving product performance. For example, Muge's actuator adopts wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating technology, which effectively reduces the maintenance cost of users

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