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The seventh China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival was held on October 17

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the seventh China Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival will be held in Chengdu from October 17 to October 22. With the theme of "inheriting colorful culture and enjoying a better life", this Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival will closely focus on national strategies such as enhancing the internationality of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, connecting poverty alleviation and the experimental revitalization of the compressive strength of rural non-metallic materials that can also be used in other non-metallic materials, and promoting the integrated development of culture and tourism. It will hold the opening ceremony and performance of the now popular Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, the intangible cultural heritage International Forum The state guarantees the control of the convexity accuracy of plates and strips in the rolling process. There are more than 540 various festival activities in the main venue, theme sub venues and supporting activities of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park, with an estimated total exhibition area of nearly 30000 square meters. At present, nearly 80 countries, regions and international organizations have been identified to participate, and more than 300 foreign guests will participate in international forums, international exhibitions, international exhibitions and international competitive activities

wonderful supporting exhibitions in museums

in addition to the main venue and major sub venue activities, the major museums in the city have also carried out linkage, carried out a variety of supporting activities, and made every effort to create a "cultural event, people's festival". Recently, the special exhibition "paper dialogue Denmark @ sands" in the Jinsha Site Museum, which has kicked off the solicitation, will solicit paper-cut works from the general public. The outstanding works selected by voting will be displayed on the same stage with the paper-cut works of the Danish paper-cut master artist Karen bitt Weiler. Chinese and Western paper cutting art is displayed on the same stage to promote the in-depth exchange of Chinese and Western cultures

recently, the Chengdu Museum's exhibition of "skillful hands seize heavenly works - modern rebirth of traditional crafts" was launched. More than 90 exquisite works, 16 intangible cultural heritage projects, 15 intangible cultural heritage inheritors, and 10 young artists gathered together to "seize the work of nature with skillful hands - the modern rebirth of traditional crafts". National intangible cultural heritage masters and cutting-edge designers are amazing on the same stage, and the works of the top awards of traditional crafts complement the new show exhibits of New York Fashion week. As an important supporting activity of this Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival, this exhibition is also the first original exhibition jointly held by Chengdu Museum and Chengdu intangible cultural heritage protection center

the 47th National Day bonsai exhibition of Chengdu Dufu thatched cottage museum will be officially opened recently. More than 200 bonsai works from 5 cities (prefectures) and 16 districts (cities) and counties in Sichuan are exhibited this time, which is a centralized display of Sichuan bonsai

individual interpretation of intangible cultural heritage charm in the sub venue

this Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival adheres to the public welfare, expands the participation, and highlights social benefits. While paying attention to organizing and carrying out various festival activities in the Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo Park, the main venue, we will comprehensively carry out themed sub venue activities. In the near future, themed sub venues in Chengdu will also be held one after another

the "Autumn Art - Shushan kiln autumn Works Exhibition" to be opened on September 29 in Pujiang sub venue will convey a new way of life for tourists and experience the increasingly strong artistic road of Mingyue village by displaying the works of national arts and crafts masters, potters, Xincun villagers, Mingyue village villagers and Shushan kiln apprentices. From the beginning of October, the "Imagine Chengdu, experience the Intangible Cultural Heritage 'nine entry' series activities" in Pidu district will also kick off. The colorful intangible cultural heritage exhibition projects will enter institutions, communities, schools, enterprises, scenic spots and other places, so that the intangible cultural heritage can really come to the masses; Wuhou District will successively carry out the "Chinese traditional culture into the community Exhibition" in 13 streets of the region, so that the people of the region can fully feel the joy and auspicious atmosphere of "Art Festival, people's festival"; Pengzhou's "sending plays to the countryside" cultural benefit performance is also about to be carried out. In a month's time, 40 cultural benefit performance activities will focus on the performance of Sichuan Opera famous dramas with intangible cultural heritage, classic quyi programs and local innovative programs

the first 10 "Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour" routes

in the context of cultural tourism integration, in order to promote the deep integration of cultural tourism, 10 "Intangible Cultural Heritage Tour" tourism routes and 40 intangible cultural heritage project experience bases will be launched for the first time during the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival. With intangible cultural heritage projects as the core, tourism routes as the support, non genetic institutions, intangible cultural heritage experience areas and experience bases as the carriers, through professional product design and route planning, intangible cultural heritage tourism will be introduced to the market, become a normalized characteristic cultural tourism route product, and help the further integration and development of cultural tourism in Chengdu

the 10 recommended experience routes released this time are characterized by representativeness, operability, comfort, leisure and interactive participation after on-site investigation and repeated research and discussion by 15 well-known travel agencies, senior representatives of the tourism industry and representatives of intangible cultural heritage inheritors

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