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The decoration of the office must pay attention to geomantic omen. After all, how the decoration of the office determines the geomantic omen of the office, and the geomantic omen of the office has a great impact on us. Of course, we must pay attention to the geomantic knowledge about the office, and it is also beneficial and harmless for us to know more about geomantic knowledge. What is the geomantic knowledge about the decoration of the office? Come and have a look

what are the secrets of the knowledge of Feng Shui in office decoration

(1) Feng Shui in office needs to be dominated by the person in charge or the top supervisor to find the location of Geely

(2) the door of the office must be larger than the opposite door, because the big one wins in momentum, and the small one loses

(3) water seepage, water leakage or cracking of the ceiling or wall of the office is a symbol of money leakage, which should be remedied as soon as possible

(4) it is better to have a high ceiling in the office. If it is too low, it will feel oppressive and unlucky, which will affect the promotion of business, and at the same time, the ventilation is poor

(5) the door of the office should not be facing the electric poles, trees, chimneys and roads

(6) the supervisor and person in charge of the office must have a solid backing behind the faucet owner who leaks money

(7) the stairs of the office should not face the door, otherwise the gas intake and exhaust collide, which is detrimental to wealth and health

(8) the financial position in the office should be bright and clean at the diagonal corner of the entrance, and it is forbidden to empty the door and put fake flowers

(9) when you enter the office gate, the toilet is next to it, which is a big killer. Because the toilet blocks the entry of anger, it is quite detrimental to wealth and business

(10) it's bad to have no windows in the office. Because the air can't communicate, it's dead

(11) if the desk is facing the toilet door, it will be fumigated by the toilet pollution and will be defeated over time

(12) the desk must not be worn or damaged, otherwise it will damage the transportation

(13) it is better to use wooden materials for the desk, and the use of iron sheet and steel will affect the magnetic field, which is slightly poor

(14) there should be no crossbeam or chandelier above the desk, otherwise it will be detrimental to promotion and wealth

(15) empty doors are most forbidden behind the desk. An empty door is a door or window behind it. It is easy to lack a sense of security, and it is most difficult to concentrate on office work

explain in detail the decoration feng shui knowledge in the office

first, the orientation in office decoration. Your seat is very important. You must rely on a wall behind your seat. The wall, like a mountain, can give you a sense of firmness and support your career. In addition, you should also pay attention to the chair you sit in. You must choose a chair with a back, which will help you block the brakes like a mountain, and it is best to have handles on both sides of the chair

second, the desktop in office decoration. Be sure to keep your desk clean. A messy desk can easily mess up your work. Use more gold or red to decorate the desktop. These two colors can greatly increase your wealth and career

third, the decoration of office decoration design. In addition to the principle of using golden yellow and positive red, placing some items on the table can also improve your luck. For example, in the north, raise some aquatic plants or goldfish in fish tanks, and goldfish should be raised in odd numbers; Topaz is also a sharp weapon for fortune transfer; There are also gold mobile phones and gold wallets, which are mascots for wealth generation and transportation

Topaz should be worn on the left hand. Crystals should be left in and right out. Crystals that attract good luck should be worn on the left hand, and crystals that ward off evil should be worn on the right hand. In addition, gold wallets and gold mobile phones should be placed in the northwest of the desktop, and fish tanks or aquatic plants should be placed in the northeast

fourth, the brightness of office design. The illumination of the station is very important, and the dim environment will affect your career. If the illumination of your workstation is not very good, you can use a bright golden computer desktop to enhance the brightness

fifth, go out or have a meeting. It's best to carry a golden thing with you, such as the gold wallet or mobile phone just mentioned. It's best to use gold products. Of course, gold jewelry is also counted! (guidaye Feng Shui www.guidaye.com)

What are the major knowledge of Feng Shui decoration in the office?

there is a backer on the back

here, backer refers to the back of the desk, which can lean against the wall, cabinet, or configured table. This will make people feel that they have a backer and confidence in doing things, and the natural career will be smooth. Everything goes well

the vision in front of the desk is wide

the vision in front of the desk must be wide, which will attract good fortune. If the desk is against the wall, the future and fortune will be like being blocked outside the wall, resulting in the failure of luck

there should not be a post in front of the desk

if there is a post in front of the desk, when you sit facing the post, it is like a stick on your head, which will make you prone to make big mistakes in your work career

don't work under the beam

the desk should not be placed under the beam, which makes people easily restless, dizzy and prone to make mistakes at work, resulting in poor financial luck. If there is a beam pressing the top, you can move it to avoid it

the back of the office seat should not be empty

because of the good backer, many masters and dignitaries, strong support, steady action, and sufficient follow-up ability

the office should not be lack of lighting

the office should have sufficient lighting, bright and pleasant, so that the performance can be booming and good people can take the lead. Rewards and punishments are clear, and employees are responsible and dedicated to their strengths. On the contrary, dark and gloomy offices often bring obstacles and difficulties

the office should not commit the white tiger evil

from the geomantic point of view, looking out from the front of the office, it is best that the left Qinglong is higher than the right white tiger; That is, the building in front of the left should be slightly higher than the building in front of the right, which means that the air transportation of the whole office often has a positive development





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