There are four big tricks in home decoration chaos

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People who buy a house in the urban area feel this way more or less. They have saved a lot of money, bought a suite, and have their own home, but the next decoration inevitably makes people more worried. Most of the reasons for citizens' concern are related to the current chaotic and uneven decoration market. They are worried about the arbitrary price increases of decoration companies, problems after decoration, incorrect household goods, and too difficult compensation

when it comes to decoration, many people are big. The reason is very simple. There are too many tricks in the decoration, which makes it impossible to prevent. Ms. Huangfu, a designer of a decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd., briefly listed four tricky things in decoration to reporters

problem 1: shoddy

the phenomenon of shoddy and shoddy mostly occurs in the decoration of all or half contract projects. Although many consumers require the decoration company to specify specific brands for sanitary ware, kitchen supplies, flooring and paint in the contract before decoration, many do not specify specific models and specifications, nor specify the place of purchase of these brands, so some decoration companies will replace them with fake brands, and consumers cannot understand all kinds of brands and specific models in the market one by one, So they are often kept in the dark

countermeasures: specify the specific brand model and place of purchase in the contract, and do it yourself when purchasing. The name, grade and brand of building materials products shall be specially indicated on the receipt, and the quality responsibility sheet shall be obtained

problem 2: take rebates

decoration company personnel often bring consumers to a building materials manufacturer he is familiar with, and the reason is often that it is cheap. When consumers look on the spot, they often see cheaper prices than those outside. For example, the floor sold for 280 yuan outside is only 250 yuan here. Unexpectedly, when the decorators actually measured the floor size, they had already secretly relaxed the tape measure and calculated a few more square meters

countermeasures: don't listen to the decorator's recommendation, and don't let him accompany you. You should go to buy materials yourself. Or ask familiar experts to go together to check imported or domestic goods, and you can ask to check the customs declaration

problem 3: calculate more area

the phenomenon of calculating more area is quite common. It is also the source of profits for decoration companies, and most of it occurs under the eyes of consumers. The work of measuring the decoration area is done by the decoration workers, while consumers are generally just watching. Often unconsciously, the original length of 10 meters was put into 10.05 meters by decoration workers. The number difference is slight, but a little makes a lot. In particular, places with large areas such as walls and floors are most likely to be manipulated by decoration companies. Consumers often only pay attention to the price and ignore the verification of quantities

countermeasures: measure the area yourself and check it carefully

problem 4: cut corners

cut corners often occur in the treatment of auxiliary materials. Because the unit price of auxiliary materials is small, the quantity is scattered, and they are behind or inside the exterior decoration after the decoration is completed, so consumers generally don't pay attention to these small things. Coupled with the quick hands and feet of the construction personnel, when the owner doesn't know what's going on, the overall structure has been sealed, and the money is also spent in obscurity

countermeasures: supervise the whole process of decoration




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