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Wuxi solid wood furniture brand manufacturer customized furniture consulting [qq296290156, Tel 15618392878]

high quality life has always been the goal of everyone. Now people's living standard is gradually rising, and their desire to pursue it is becoming stronger and stronger. What kind of life you want is up to you. Solid wood customization is a trend

solid wood furniture has always been known for environmental protection and health, but now there are many solid wood furniture on the market that are counterfeit, so you should be cautious when buying. Here's how to distinguish

first, observe the wood grain. The grain of solid wood materials used in solid wood furniture is discontinuous. Therefore, if the wood grain of large-area components is beautiful and symmetrical, it must be non full solid wood furniture

second, identify the taste. The taste of solid wood furniture is generally not too strong, with the smell of natural wood

the third is to observe the natural defects of wood. Look at the location of the side with scars and knots, and then look for the corresponding pattern on the other side. If asymmetric, it must be non full solid wood furniture

fourth, observe the internal material. Some furniture will be installed with hinges, hooks, handles and other components. You can remove the components and observe whether they are solid wood through the joint between these components and the substrate

fifth, observe the process. When buying furniture, observe the connection mode between furniture boards. If you see three in one eccentric connectors, it is likely to be wood-based panel furniture, which should be noted

sixth, observe the shape. If you see it is very dazzling, artistic in shape and changeable in structure and shape, it is likely that this furniture is not made of all solid wood materials

Wuxi Youdao furniture takes precious wood as the main material, and the design of each furniture is unique, showing the atmospheric luxury of European furniture and giving full vitality to the space. Welcome to inquire


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it is not deformed, corrosion-resistant, crack free, heat insulation and other characteristics. It is scientifically processed through drying, blanking, planing, tenoning, drilling, high-speed milling, assembly, grinding, painting and other processes

solid wood doors are made of logs as the main material to make the door core, which is dried, then processed through blanking, polishing,

solid wood double door

solid wood double door

mortising, drilling and other processes. Most of the logs used for solid wood doors are valuable, such as walnut, teak, etc. The finished wooden door after solid wood processing has the advantages of no deformation, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, temperature protection of Wuxi solid wood customized wardrobe, no cracks, etc





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