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On October 19, 2016, the October Investment Summit of Longshu group was held in the headquarters conference room. The summit was held in the form of a symposium, providing one-on-one personal services to customers

on October 19, 2016, the October investment promotion summit of Longshu group was held in the headquarters conference room. The summit was held in the form of a symposium, providing one-on-one personal service to customers. A regional manager should provide one-on-one follow-up service to customers, providing all-round services. 33 customers attended the summit, and 9 new and upgraded customers. The summit has prepared rich gifts for upgraded and franchised customers. As long as they are upgraded or newly franchised, they will have the opportunity to move air conditioners and washing machines home

Deng Shusheng, chairman of Longshu group, zhangxikun, vice president, and ouchunwang, general manager of marketing company attended the summit. The summit was presided over by Du Chuangqi, Minister of planning department

on the spot of the Symposium

group photo of new franchisees and old customers upgrading

Guangdong Longshu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was founded on June 28, 2002, and has been focusing on the door industry for more than a decade. It has become the chairman unit of the door industry special committee of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the top ten brands of China's door industry, China's well-known trademark, and China's leading brand of whole house doors and windows. Deng Shusheng, chairman of the group, and Chen shouzai, President of the group, led all Longshu people to strive for the goal of "becoming the first in China's door industry and squeezing into China's top 500". The advantage of Longshu door industry lies in the one-stop customization of doors and windows of the whole house. Fire doors, anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors, wooden doors, steel wooden doors, ecological doors, aluminum alloy doors cover all doors and windows of the house. And each category is produced and managed separately, which can fully ensure product quality and delivery cycle. Marketing is fully integrated, and it can unify color, style and service

first, the sample is free

second, free store design

third, enjoy most of the expenses of store decoration

fourth, recover the investment cost upon opening

the cost will be recovered when the Zhongshan Longshu flagship store opens in October

the Zhongshan Longshu flagship store opens on October 15. The total investment of Zhongshan store is about 300000 yuan, and the deposit for opening activities is about 15 yuan. Based on 30% of the average deposit paid by each customer, the total payment for opening activities is 45 yuan. The investment cost will be recovered upon opening

action is better than heart.

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