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When will the "forced stop" of UAVs stop at London's second largest airport

] in recent years, UAV technology and industry have developed rapidly, and the market has gradually expanded from the military field to the civil field. With the increasing popularity of civil UAV products that can be correctly withdrawn from the system, its application scope is becoming more and more extensive, covering many scenarios such as agricultural plant protection, electric power line patrol, geographic mapping, logistics distribution, and the development of the industrial chain is expanding in personnel training, maintenance services, commercial activities, etc

however, as the price threshold of UAVs continues to decline and the performance of UAVs continues to increase, some security risks are gradually emerging. Just recently, London Gatwick airport was invaded by several drones. After the discovery of the UAV, Gatwick Airport suspended its operation, resulting in nearly 100 flights' alternate landing. Many passengers who choose to travel before Christmas are forced to delay

this scene makes people feel familiar

UAV disruptions have become a global problem

in fact, airports in Chengdu, Chongqing and other places in Southwest China also experienced similar UAV disruptions in 2017, which is more serious than Gatwick Airport in London. On April 17 and 18 of that year, Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport was disturbed by UAVs for two consecutive days, causing 34 flights to alternate and more than 40 flights to delay, which aroused strong public concern

laiwenqiang, director of the General Aviation Department of the southwest administration of civil aviation, said that China's UAV interference incidents began to appear in 2015 and showed an increasingly serious trend. According to statistics, 10 such incidents occurred in Chengdu Shuangliu Airport in April and may 2017. Moreover, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport was disturbed by UAVs for many times. On May 12 alone, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport was forced to delay more than 140 flights and alternate 40 flights, affecting the travel of tens of thousands of passengers

in addition, according to the information released by the German air traffic control center, the number of UAV disruptions in 2018 was significantly higher than that in previous years. According to the latest statistics, as of August this year, there had been more than 100 incidents of UAV jamming flights at major airports in Germany. In addition, the United States, France, Canada and other countries have also experienced UAV interference. It can be seen that UAV interference has become a global problem threatening aviation safety, and it is urgent to strengthen supervision and remediation

perfecting policies and regulations has become the first choice

since the invention of aircraft and its large-scale application in military and civil fields, ensuring flight safety has always been the top priority. Once an accident occurs in the process of taking off and landing or during flight, the consequences are unimaginable. Insiders pointed out that as long as UAVs, other low, small and slow aircraft, or even flying objects such as Kongming lanterns and balloons enter the airport clearance reserve, they may disturb the normal flight order or cause irreparable accidents

therefore, from a legal point of view, UAV disruptions pose a serious threat to aviation safety, public safety and the rights and interests of crew and passengers. Those who violate laws and regulations and disrupt aviation safety and order must be severely punished. However, as UAV is an emerging industry, the development of technology and market is far ahead of the formulation of laws and standards, which has left hidden dangers for the supervision of UAV

in the face of frequent incidents of UAV disruptions, Chinese governments at all levels and civil aviation departments have continued to strengthen the supervision of UAVs, and have successively issued regulations on the registration and management of civil unmanned aircraft real name system. However, Mitsubishi resin Co., Ltd. of Japan announced that it would cooperate with Kirin Beer Co., Ltd. to develop a series of management measures for 1 liter plastic bottles specially used for beer. In the European Union, the United States, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, governments have also formulated or improved UAV related management systems to ensure their aviation safety and public safety

the use of scientific and technological means is indispensable.

on the one hand, it is very important to strengthen legal supervision and attach importance to the application of scientific and technological means. In order to completely curb the occurrence of UAV disturbing navigation and injuring people, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of timely detection and on-site disposal, which puts forward new requirements for the development of anti UAV technology. In this context, anti UAV technology and industry are rising rapidly

at present, the anti UAV technology mainly focuses on detection, positioning technology and disposal technology. The main products are UAV detection system, anti UAV gun, etc. At present, airports, police departments and some security agencies in China have begun to purchase anti UAV software and hardware products to better deal with black flying UAVs

at the production end, the application of electronic fence technology in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and the inclusion of colored lime sand bricks and corresponding performance and color difference test methods in the standard application have attracted more and more attention. In july2017, the Civil Aviation Administration released the UAV fence (Exposure Draft) to regulate the industry standard of geographical restrictions on UAVs and ensure the orderly and controllable operation of UAVs. In fact, the electronic fence technology has been widely used by leading enterprises in the UAV industry such as Dajiang, so the next focus is to promote the further popularization of this technology and cover all UAV products

when the weaknesses of law and technology display clarity are gradually complemented, UAV management will usher in a new situation. At that time, similar to the airports in Southwest China and the recent UAV disturbance incident at Gatwick Airport in London, UK, it is expected to reduce the occurrence until it does not happen again, so as to restore safety and order

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