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When can China's packaging machinery and equipment become autonomous?

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core tip: the "13th five year plan" report on packaging equipment shows that what is the understanding of "realizing the autonomy of China's packaging machinery and equipment" that Chinese people are keen to pay attention to

[China Packaging] according to the "13th five year plan" report on packaging equipment, what is the understanding of "realizing the autonomy of China's packaging machinery and equipment", which is widely concerned by Chinese people? It is learned from this issue that the development of China's packaging machinery has been relying on imports since the reform and opening up. In the main task of industrial adjustment and revitalization determined in the equipment manufacturing industry adjustment and revitalization plan of the State Council, it is clearly proposed to grasp the nine major industries including light industry including packaging equipment to realize the independence of China's equipment. This is a national requirement for the property right subject, R & D subject, technological innovation and other aspects of packaging equipment, that is, to "realize the independence of China's equipment"

what do we rely on to "realize the independence of China's equipment" and "how do packaging equipment realize technological innovation"? How can packaging machinery build up its own national brand on the world packaging machinery stage? For a long time, our country's research on packaging technology has been weak, and there is no breakthrough in the existing packaging innovation technology and packaging scientific and technological achievements. Relevant research institutions do not pay attention to the development and production of their own patented packaging technology new products, and rely on imitation to live. It is learned that at present, many technical teams in China's packaging research industry can not meet the new requirements of development. Not only is the technical force weak, but also a large number of scientific and technological personnel have been transferred from other industries. There are defects in the professional knowledge structure, and those who learn machinery can't Speed accuracy: within ± 0.5% of the indicated value; Those who understand mechanical technology and learn packaging technology are not familiar with the process of packaging industry, and the professional education and professional education of on-the-job technical cadres are backward. If China's packaging research and technology departments, senior researchers and relevant publicity media can reach a consensus, work hard and unite, and farsighted leaders and entrepreneurs effectively support the education, scientific research and design departments of packaging machinery in terms of policy and material, they will be ahead of the world's packaging machinery production, rather than lagging behind the production demand. In China, one of the heated discussions on "the withdrawal of the state from the people and the advancement of the people" is that the entry of foreign capital has led to the control of many of China's former national brands by foreign capital, which has aroused the anxiety of the government and the whole people. For a long time, if all the important national brands of the country were reduced to foreign brands, the national industry would have no real name. This is no joke

in a word, the State Council proposed to "realize the autonomy of China's equipment". In addition to the relevant policy support, to shorten the gap between China's packaging machinery and equipment products and the international advanced products in the same industry, we still rely on the strengthening of China's packaging research institutions to achieve "autonomy" in terms of property rights, R & D and technological innovation. At the same time, relevant research institutions and departments should also give full play to the role of existing scientific and technological personnel, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, give full play to the role of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, accelerate the technological progress of enterprises, actively participate in the competition in the world packaging machinery market, get rid of the "hat" of "plagiarism and imitation" held by foreigners for a long time, and work hard on their own! China's packaging industry must rely on its own strength to develop new technologies, new equipment and products, expand and strengthen itself, and cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the packaging machinery industry. The article written for this achievement in the latest issue of the famous British popular science magazine new scientists points out that the competition! In fact, in the field of packaging technology, our country has absolutely world-class talents and first-class technology. In particular, the implementation of "made in China 2025" is being accelerated and is gradually stepping into the era of intelligent manufacturing. Industry 4 Nanjing Julong has a promising future. The concept of "0" has gradually penetrated into the food packaging industry. Plastic packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to developing new technologies represented by optical electromechanical integration, intelligence, combination or modularization. At present, many manufacturers have integrated robots and packaging equipment into one production line. From early handling and sorting to packaging production, and then to later detection, storage and transportation, various automation technologies run through the packaging industry. It not only has higher packaging speed and more accurate packaging precision, but also can achieve low energy consumption and save costs for enterprises

since ancient times, we Chinese people have had such a spirit and research momentum. Our predecessors have created and studied the "four great inventions" since ancient times. Especially in recent years, China's scientific and technological inventions and creations have met their own needs and even the needs of the world, and established an excellent image and reputation in the world market. For example, the manned space shuttle is a high-end technology. Don't Shenzhou V and Shenzhou VI make some foreigners salivate? However, China's packaging research institutions have been constantly looking for gaps, constantly learning new technologies, and gradually producing packaging machinery technology with high automation, good reliability, strong flexibility, fast production speed and high technical content. Collaborative innovation between industry, University, research and application gives full play to the dominant role of enterprises, boosts the adjustment of industrial structure, and forms an industrial development model of "small but refined, refined and specialized, specialized and strong"; Strengthen the construction of standards, testing and equipment platforms. Enterprises should encourage the use of domestic packaging equipment, technology and machinery, and encourage private enterprises to develop vigorously

let China's packaging machinery rise again in the world, and strive to make a qualitative leap in China's packaging machinery industry. Let the State Council's proposal of "Realizing China's equipment autonomy" resound in the center of the world packaging machinery stage

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