When will the most popular domestic PLC mature

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When will domestic PLC mature

friends' self-report: Chinese people have a very strong self-esteem. In the United States, if an Italian American is beaten in the street, the Italian newspapers and communities will not have special reports, but will pay attention to it as an ordinary case. If a Chinese American is beaten, there will be large articles in Chinese newspapers, such as Chinese men being beaten on the street, which will raise the problem to ethnic contradictions or racial discrimination; This excessive emphasis on skin color is actually a manifestation of a strong sense of inferiority. The last time a foreigner in Shenzhen had a dispute with a girl on a bus, the police station asked the foreigner to write an inspection, which aroused public anger. The newspaper also made a lot of noise. Later, the police station director who handled the case said that we handled it in strict accordance with the laws and regulations and did not favor foreigners, but we should not favor Chinese people because he was a foreigner. That's very good. Indeed, if a hooligan in Shenzhen bumps into a woman in the car, will someone turn him over to the police station? Will newspapers and media pay so much attention to it

only China can distinguish between domestic and imported products in the vocabulary of daily life. In foreign countries, these two words only appear in the professional terms of international trade. It is also a major feature of China that the domestic products are not good and the imported products are good. When I was in Canada, I saw the dishes of local steak and California steak in a steakhouse. However, the local steak is more than twice as expensive. This is the embodiment of the real national pride that can not be copied. In the eyes of users and system integrators in American and European industries, including oil and gas, there are only differences between brands and companies such as AB, Modicon, Siemens and Ge. In particular, they do not position Chinese products as Chinese products. For most American customers, as long as they are not American, they are foreign. As for NANDA Alto, devison, Hollysys, Omron, or Yaskawa, there is no difference between electromagnetic clutch, magnetic powder clutch, friction clutch and hydraulic clutch. The Chinese and Japanese can not tell. When I went to introduce the products, I first positioned myself as a Chinese PLC manufacturer, but later, I found that made in China meant nothing to them, neither positive nor negative. For them, I am the sales representative of Nantah Aotuo, another PLC manufacturer, that's all

therefore, as a PLC manufacturer, we do not have to avoid or overemphasize our domestic color. We should trust our customers. As long as our products are good enough and our services are patient and enthusiastic, our customers will feel our sincerity and determination and will accept our products. With so many excellent companies and products from abroad, they have indeed made a lot of contributions to China's industry. Although they have also made a lot of money, they deserve it. Now we should modestly learn from these foreign big brothers or foreign elders in the industrial control industry, learn their strengths, and make our products mature as soon as possible

when will the domestic PLC market mature? When domestic users will only consider PLC from price, performance, quality and service, but will not see what brand; When the domestic PLC manufacturers can plan the marketing of PLC from the aspects of products, prices, promotion of wechat "learning group" under the people's Daily Overseas Edition to Xi's speech and channels at the above "an important meeting"; When the word "domestic PLC" no longer appears in domestic industrial control stations, but rather when Nantah Aotuo PLC, Davidson PLC, Hollysys PLC, Siemens PLC and OMRON PLC; When the price of our PLC is more expensive than that of AB, but someone still specifies our PLC; The domestic PLC market is mature

at that time, we will ask Rockwell to be a distributor in the eastern part of the United States, Ge to be a distributor in the western part of the United States, Siemens to be the general distributor of an impact testing machine with braking records and average values in Germany, and Schneider to be the general agent in France; What does Mitsubishi do in the Japanese market? Let's leave it to LG. You can invite these big guys to hold a NA400 marketing channel Summit Forum in Petersburg for discussion; By the way, I also asked everyone to go to Yukos oil field and refinery to see the use of NA400. How

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