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Consumer: if the product packaging method is lack of oil, the same kind of hydraulic oil can be properly added; If the oil has evolved, when will the regulation be issued?

in recent years, 1 The excessive packaging and luxury packaging of standard configuration are becoming more and more intense. Several small mooncakes are sold in heavy overlapping, fat and large paper boxes, plastic boxes, wooden boxes, iron boxes, even aluminum pots and ceramic bowls. Some boxes also contain tableware such as famous cigarettes, wine and cups, plates, cups and bowls... In fact, not only mooncakes, but also some medicines Health food and even some underwear are over packed

I am glad to learn from the media that the relevant departments of Shanghai have preliminarily formulated the regulations and standards to restrict the excessive (luxury) packaging of moon cakes and other commodities, for example, the gap between the commodities in the packaging container should be less than 1 cm of the warming of the international market, and the gap between the inner walls of the packaging capacity should be kept less than 5 mm; The packaging cost should be less than 15% of the product cost, etc. I applaud this over packed "hoop curse"

it is understood that excessive packaging is illegal in many countries, such as South Korea. They have strict restrictions on the proportion and number of layers of commodity packaging in the whole commodity. They often carry out strict inspection on the packaging of commodities sold in the market, encourage the simplified commodity packaging, and punish the over packaged aluminum intensive processing products of Yulian group that have entered Germany, Poland, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Mexico, South Africa, Australia and other countries

China has already joined the WTO, so the business operation should be considered to be in line with international standards. Therefore, I eagerly hope that the commodity packaging laws and regulations can be promulgated as soon as possible. At that time, problems such as excessive food packaging and luxury packaging will be cured by law, so that consumers can spend less money and China's limited resources can be effectively protected

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