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When will "3G" enter the homes of ordinary people

under the advertising campaign of the three major mobile network operators in China, the Chinese people are no longer unfamiliar with the concept of 3G. "3G" means that the speed of the mobile network used is close to or even higher than that of the wired network used by computers, and the impact of the 3G industry on people's lives will far exceed the transformation of calls from landline to landline. The 8th International Industry Exhibition held in Tianjin will unveil the mystery of 3G life for you

3g really brings life into the data age

3g network 6. Prevent copying irrelevant documents or programs to equipment computers. Compared with the 2G network widely used at present, the speed has been greatly improved. Houziqiang, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a telecommunications expert, said that after the 3G network is completed, it can support 40million to 50million people to go online at the same time at the speed of 200K

according to the staff of China Mobile's booth, with the guarantee of 3G speed, you can watch TV programs in real time. For example, if you don't have time to go home to watch a ball game, you can watch programs anytime and anywhere

of course, the connotation of 3G life is not only to make mobile TV, but also to make IOT a reality. For example, with the home video monitoring function, you can remotely control the camera by installing a camera connected to the 3G network at home. In this way, you can know the situation at home even when you go out, and can take care of the elderly, children and precious properties

with the support of 3G network, people can send and receive emails, watch videos, listen to music, connect games, locate and navigate. In the future, they can also use remote control appliances

3g popularization still faces many challenges

3g life seems to be within reach. However, according to the survey on the exhibition site, the above is how to maintain the press in low temperature. Many people have not used 3G, and some people have not used 3G even if they use 3G

an audience member using 3G said that although I have a 3G network, many of my friends still use 2G network. I still can't make video calls with them, and 3G functions can't be brought into full play

3 strengthen the top-level design. The bottleneck of G user group expansion is that the 3G network charges and 3G terminal prices are too high. It was learned at the exhibition that the monthly rental fee for 3G services should be at least 60 yuan. If you want to fully experience various 3G services, the monthly cost should be more than 100 yuan

an audience engaged in terminal sales said that the 3G network speed is already very fast, but the processing speed is still too slow. In addition, the price is still too expensive. If you want to truly popularize the terminal, the price should remain between 1000 yuan and 1500 yuan while the terminal has various 3G functions

most of the 3G in the exhibition came from foreign manufacturers. Nokia, blackberry, Motorola, LG and other foreign manufacturers launched a number of 3G models. The booth was crowded with visitors. However, as the price was basically more than 3000 yuan, not many people actually bought it

in addition to terminals, the speed of "cloud computing" servers providing various data services also needs to be improved. According to the staff of the "TV" booth, the TV picture is still a bit "stuck", not because the 3G network speed is not enough, but because the background server of TV data information is slow

how far is 3G popularization

houziqiang said at the exhibition forum that according to the requirements of policies such as the road map of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology, 230million people are using it, but it basically relies on 2G network. It can be seen that 3G has a huge customer base and has a broad space for development in the future

with the increase of the number of users, the construction of 3G base stations is also carried out in a big way. According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, by the end of 2010, 400000 to 500000 base stations will be built on 3G, which can support 40million people and serve more than 200million 3G users at the same time

2g is slow, so it mainly meets the most basic needs such as calls and SMS. After entering the 3G era, network operators should not only provide extensive network coverage and good signals, but also pay attention to value-added services

Chenbin, marketing manager of China Unicom Tianjin company, said that the key to the great development of 3G in the future is to have rich applications

rongxiuli, President of Tianyu Langtong, said that since the issuance of 3G licenses, the growth of 2G sales has slowed down and 3G growth has accelerated, accounting for about 10% of the market. By the end of this year, more than 20% of China will be 3G

according to the data of Sano market research company, the sales volume of a single 3G model in China is currently twice that of 2G, that is to say, 3G will sell much faster than 2G for the same model

3g industry giant Apple Inc. of the United States achieved a net profit of US $3.07 billion in the second quarter of fiscal 2010, an increase of about 90% over the same period of the previous year, making it one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. This also indicates a bright future for the 3G industry. It is worth looking forward to whether Chinese enterprises can seize the opportunity to overtake at corners. Xinhua

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