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Commodity packaging: when to take off the luxury coat

this year's Mid Autumn Festival, the successful "slimming" moon cakes attracted many consumers. In interviews with several large supermarkets and shopping malls in our city, it was found that the introduction of the mandatory national standard for moon cakes (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") made "slimming" moon cakes popular, while wine, tea, cosmetics, health care products and other commodities still did not take off their luxurious "coat" simply in terms of operation methods, and they looked particularly dazzling on crowded containers

businessmen frankly say that some commodities are sold in "packaging"

at the famous liquor counters in several large shopping malls in our city, we saw Langjiu, Wuliangye, Maotai and other famous liquor with prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to thousands of yuan. The higher the price, the more luxurious the liquor packaging. Take Wuliangye Liquor of the same 500ml as an example. The market price of a bottle of liquor originally packaged in ordinary packaging was more than 300 yuan. When the bottle was made into the shape of 12 zodiac animals and put into a luxury gift box, the price rose to 1360 yuan. However, a bottle of Maotai liquor aged for 50 years was priced at 4588 yuan after wearing a wooden box with leather. In the interview, some promoters made it clear that some goods are selling ink packaging, because the beautifully packaged and luxurious goods are indispensable "equipment" for visiting relatives and friends and a symbol of the owner's identity

consumers say with a smile: luxury packaging is just "eye addiction"

in view of the moon cake packaging problem concerned by all walks of life, the standard has made detailed provisions on the packaging cost and other contents, while most of the luxury packaged goods sold in the market do not comply with the provisions on moon cake packaging

in the xiagreenland shopping center, where the main technical indicators can meet the standard requirements, we can see that some luxury wine gift boxes are also equipped with so-called gifts such as wine glasses, bottle openers, CDs, etc., which are obviously larger than the commodity specifications. These packaging boxes and gifts have doubled the value of these wine products that originally cost tens of yuan or more than 100 yuan a bottle. Take a single package of honey as an example. After three bottles of honey were packed into the gift box, the value rose from more than 30 yuan to 70 or 80 yuan

in the interview, Mr. Shao, who works in an organ in our city, said that when choosing gifts for his girlfriend or relatives and friends, he would pay special attention to the packaging of goods, because it represents his own taste, so there is nothing wrong with the exquisite packaging of goods. When choosing goods for himself, he pays more attention to the value of the goods themselves. He will choose some goods of value for money, and the requirements for packaging are not so high. Many consumers have the same wait-and-see attitude as Mr. Shao with regard to some of the commodities in the shopping malls that are too luxurious in packaging: they just have "eye addiction"

experts' advice: the packaging of commodities should be appropriate. Liguoqiang, a teacher from the Department of Business Administration of Anyang Normal University, said that from the perspective of marketing, commodity competition requires packaging, but the excessively luxurious packaging of commodities will not only make the price of commodities artificially high, but also cause environmental pollution and waste of resources, which is inconsistent with the requirements of building a conservation oriented society

according to Mr. liguoqiang, the phenomenon of excessive luxury packaging reflects the weak awareness of saving consumption, as well as the prevalence of extravagant and wasteful consumption behaviors forced by human kindness and face. It is precisely because consumers' pursuit of high-grade and decent consumption of commodities, especially gift commodities, that makes merchants devote themselves to making "fancy articles" on packaging. However, in the actual purchase, the use value and core value of commodities are the most important issues considered by mature consumers. For the consideration of protecting resources and environment and building an energy-saving society, the commodity packaging should be appropriate

it is reported that the revised draft of the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes under consideration in China has clearly included "restricting excessive packaging of products", and excessive packaging will be punished at the legal level. (huangyaming)

information source: Anyang information

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