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Policy overweight listed companies in the equipment manufacturing industry accelerate "going to sea"

policy overweight listed companies in the equipment manufacturing industry accelerate "going to sea"

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under the background of the country vigorously promoting the "going out" of the equipment manufacturing industry, the pace of "going out" of listed companies has significantly accelerated. On May 26, China Wuyi, Qilian Mountain, Ningbo construction engineering and other companies announced the new layout of overseas business

analysts pointed out that the guiding opinions on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation have been issued, relevant supporting policies and measures will be introduced in succession, and key industries such as equipment manufacturing and engineering construction will significantly benefit from supporting policies. The performance of relevant listed companies is expected

listed companies accelerate their "going out"

Wuyi, China, on May 26, sought more sustainable solutions for various industries in China. The announcement said that the company has recently undertaken four construction projects in Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. Construction contracts or subcontracts for construction projects have been signed, and the cumulative contract amount is about 454million yuan. Among these contracts, the longest construction period is 20 months and the shortest is 270 days. With the promotion of the contract, it will bring operating profits to Wuyi, China

Qilian Mountain announced on May 26 that on May 25, Qilian Mountain, the eighth Metallurgical Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Kyrgyzstan JBK Construction Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum on the joint development and construction of Kyrgyzstan abshir cement production line project in Osh Prefecture, Kyrgyzstan. According to the memorandum, the three parties plan to jointly invest in the construction of a cement production line project in southern Kyrgyzstan, with a total investment of about US $130million. Qilian Mountain and SMCC Construction Group Co., Ltd. account for 80% and Kyrgyzstan accounts for 20%. From May, they will jointly study and discuss all details of the cooperation

China Railway recently announced that on May 20, the company's unique liquidation device was composed of 40 feet (1 foot, about 0.3048 meters) of pipes - ironically, these pipes are also plastic. China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Railway, received a letter of award from the Israeli owner NTA metropolitan mass transit system Ltd, It is determined that the crtg Solel Boneh joint venture joint venture formed by China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. and Israel Solel Boneh infrastructure company is the bid winner of TBM section West bid section of Tel Aviv light rail red line project, Israel. According to the bidding documents, the total estimate of the project is about 4.99 billion yuan. According to the agreement of both parties of the joint venture, China Railway Tunnel Group Co., Ltd. accounts for 51% of the joint venture

China Railway disclosed on May 13 that the wholly-owned subsidiary of the company 7. The specific form of papers adopted by journals and magazines is to use the consortium formed by China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Moscow Transportation Design Institute and nizhnynovgorod Metro Design Institute in Annex 1 to win the engineering survey of the construction project of "Moscow Kazan Yekaterinburg" high-speed railway Moscow Kazan section of Russian Railway Corporation The preparation of regional planning and boundary determination scheme and design documents will take years to implement, and the contract amount is about 2.423 billion yuan. At present, the consortium is negotiating on internal division of labor, work plan, cooperation and management mechanism, and the formal agreement on participating in the construction of Russian high-speed railway is expected to be signed at the end of May

financial support is indispensable for listed companies to go global. Ningbo Construction Engineering Group announced on May 26 that ningjian International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a secondary subsidiary of the company, signed a share transfer agreement with the shareholders of Anlan Securities Co., Ltd. in South Africa on May 23, and ningjian international plans to acquire 100% of the shares of Anlan securities. South Africa is the bridgehead of African economy, and this investment is in line with the strategic thinking of the "the Belt and Road". The acquisition of Anlan securities by the subsidiary of the company is conducive to the company taking Anlan securities as the starting point, giving full play to the management and technical advantages of the company's construction industry, and exploring the business model of interaction between financial services and overseas construction business development; It is conducive for the company to take Anlan securities as the financial platform, build a financial service platform and communication bridge between Chinese enterprises and markets and African enterprises and markets, give full play to the advantages of Chinese securities companies, provide localized investment and financing services in Africa for Chinese enterprises, and expand relevant markets

supporting policies are expected to be issued in succession.

the guiding opinions on promoting international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation issued by the State Council recently put forward that by 2020, the production capacity cooperation mechanism with key countries will be basically established, a number of key production capacity cooperation projects have made significant progress, a number of overseas production capacity cooperation demonstration bases will be formed, and a number of backbone enterprises with international competitiveness and market development capabilities will be formed

all ministries and commissions are promoting the "going out" of equipment manufacturing industry. Li Pumin, Secretary General of the national development and Reform Commission, said that the national development and Reform Commission would work with relevant departments to implement the work, strengthen overall coordination and guidance, clarify the division of tasks, implement the work, pay close attention to the formulation and introduction of international production capacity cooperation plans and supporting policies and measures, actively build a platform for foreign cooperation between the government and enterprises, strengthen service guarantee and risk prevention and control, and accelerate the promotion of international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation to achieve substantive results

wangliming, chief engineer of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the Ministry of industry and information technology should speed up the formulation of a series of supporting policies and measures to improve the "going out" of equipment. And promote the improvement of financial policies and measures, so that "going global" enterprises receive strong financial support. The Ministry of industry and information technology will also accelerate the selection of a number of key projects through the implementation of the "made in China 2025" and the "going global" documents of equipment. Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology and CDB jointly selected more than 30 key projects to promote the "going out" of equipment manufacturing through bank enterprise cooperation. The Ministry of industry and information technology will also give play to the diplomatic mechanism of intergovernmental cooperation to guide and drive enterprises to "go global"

Shendanyang, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the Ministry of Commerce would strengthen guidance and do a good job in the overall layout. In combination with the advantages of the industry and the characteristics of the host country, it is necessary to clearly put forward the guiding opinions of supporting the international production capacity cooperation in advantageous industries such as railway, nuclear power, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. transmission control system. At the same time, we should highlight the key points and make good use of financial funds. The special funds for foreign economic and trade development arranged in 2015 should focus on supporting foreign investment cooperation in high-tech, advanced manufacturing and advantageous industries, and focus on overseas major infrastructure projects and international production capacity cooperation projects that can stimulate the export of domestic equipment. The Ministry of commerce should also promote the integration of industry and finance, promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign investment cooperation, and enhance the ability of enterprises to drive equipment production capacity to "go global". According to the data released by the Ministry of Commerce a few days ago, China's foreign direct investment in equipment manufacturing industry continued to grow by 960million US dollars in the first quarter. The export of relevant equipment shows a good momentum of development. In the first two months, China's exports of railway equipment, including locomotives, vehicles and related parts of Railways and tramways, exceeded US $6billion, a substantial increase of 51.8% over the same period last year

there is a huge space for "going global" in many industries.

the country has proposed to take steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railways, electric power, chemical industry, light textile, automobile, communications, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and ocean engineering as key industries to promote international production capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation. These industries are expected to get more support in the future

on May 19, State Grid announced the launch of the construction ceremony of the Brazilian beautiful mountain UHV DC transmission project in Brazil. This is the first UHV transmission project that China won the bid overseas, marking a major breakthrough in the "going global" of UHV technology in China. In 2015, the national power plan approved the construction of 14 "six direct and eight direct" lines, which was much higher than last year's "six direct and four direct" plan and exceeded expectations. State Grid will also carry out the preliminary work of four international UHV DC lines. The global energy interconnection will take the first step, and UHV will speed up the process of going to sea with the "the Belt and Road"

in February this year, the China Arab Cooperation Agreement on the construction of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants was officially signed, with a total investment of US $12.8 billion. Hualong-1 is expected to land in South America, and nuclear power "going global" has achieved a substantial breakthrough. China and Pakistan have also signed nuclear power orders, and China will export five nuclear power units to Pakistan, all of which adopt hualong-1 technology, involving an amount of $15billion. Since this year, the nuclear power industry has received frequent policy support, and the domestic nuclear power project construction and export market have received strong support from the government. The nuclear power industry has benefited from the inflection point of domestic demand and the two wheel drive of the "going global" strategy, the continuous improvement of the localization rate of nuclear power main equipment and the trillions of overseas nuclear power incremental market, opening up huge space for domestic nuclear power equipment manufacturers. A-share listed company Shanghai Electric is a supplier of nuclear power main equipment, with a market share of nearly 90% for reactor internals and control rod drive mechanisms

of course, Chinese enterprises still have many problems in the process of "going global". The head of a private electrical equipment company in Guangdong once told the China Securities Journal that the company negotiated a water supply system transformation project in South Africa, but as a private enterprise, it did not dare to go alone, and finally had to invest jointly with a large state-owned enterprise. It should be noted that while China's equipment manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, there are also some constraints and bottlenecks, such as insufficient technology investment and weak innovation ability. If Chinese enterprises want to successfully "go global", they also need to practice their "internal skills"

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