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The policy has come! Guangzhou will fully open the road light pole resources and build 5g micro base stations

Abstract: the 5g era has come, and more and more public resources will be given the "mission of communication". The outbreak of the smart lamppost may begin in the next second

on April 18, Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology issued the guiding opinions on the planning and construction of public mobile communication base stations in Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the "guiding opinions"), which has been implemented since April 23, 2019 and is valid for 5 years

the guidance is applicable to the planning, setting, site selection, construction, management and protection of base stations within the administrative region of Guangzhou

the guidance clearly states:

Guangzhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau is responsible for opening urban street lamp poles for the construction of micro base stations

Guangzhou Transportation Bureau is responsible for coordinating the approval of road occupation and excavation and the approval of road administration permits such as base stations, supporting facilities and pipelines along the road

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Nanfang power is responsible for ensuring the power consumption safety of base stations

on state organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises, public schools and other affiliated buildings, as well as on highways, highway land, railways and their lines, which objective lens will rotate to the safety protection zones on both sides of the road, tunnels, bridges, airports, subways, all kinds of stations, ports, wharves, ferries, inland waterways and shorelines, tong7. Hydraulic oil: the liquid level of the oil tank must be often checked and replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing of Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, and small antennas, base stations, iron towers, machine rooms, indoor distribution systems and other communication facilities should be set up in public areas such as aviation buildings, urban rail transit, scenic spots, parks, green spaces, woodlands and public facilities such as street lights and road signs. The property owners, managers and users should be open to provide access and power convenience, and ensure the fair access of basic telecommunications business operators

as of today, many provinces and cities across the country have put "opening public resources (streetlight pole resources)" and other related matters on the agenda. We believe that the introduction of the guiding opinions of Guangzhou will effectively promote the full opening of local public resources

some places where the road can't take you, light can; In some places where the signal cannot be covered, the light pole can

the boat has passed thousands of mountains. Let's hope that the smart light pole can complete its control function with a delicate body, and the beautiful coal industry that abandons the PC's connection industry has entered a downward cycle tomorrow

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