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Favorable policies frequently blow GE's efforts in China India wind power business

Ge recently said that the company will resume its Indian wind power business because the Indian government has improved incentives. Ge said it would build 300 1.5-megawatt wind turbines in southern India

in September, GE said that its subordinate departments were seeking joint venture opportunities to expand the scale of its wind power equipment business in China. The demand and technical requirements of the president of GE technology infrastructure China for plastic granulators are also constantly improving. Tim schweikert said, "we often look for joint venture opportunities in different areas of China."

Jiang Qian, chief researcher of CIC's new energy industry, pointed out that GE recently announced that it would expand its wind power business in China and India, which is closely related to the wind power support policies of the two governments. From the perspective of China, although the executive meeting of the State Council at the end of August pointed out that there is a tendency of repeated construction in the domestic wind power equipment market, and the policy adjustment of the domestic new energy industry is imminent, in the long run, the overall support attitude of the Chinese government for the new energy industry will not change, and the relative humidity will not be greater than 80%; There is no doubt about the huge potential of China's wind power market, which is also the main reason why international giants such as general electric intend to expand their wind power equipment business in China. In order to speed up the development of electricity from clean energy, the Indian government has also changed its subsidy plan to facilitate the development of wind power equipment industry

secondly, the rich wind energy resources of China and India are also an important reason to attract general electric to layout (referring to the blockage of detours). According to the latest report on investment analysis and prospect prediction of China's power industry released by CIC consultants, China's wind power industry has developed at an alarming rate in recent years. In 2008, the newly added installed capacity of wind power was 6.3 million KW, slightly lower than the 8.358 million kW in the United States. However, from the perspective of the intensity and speed of wind energy development, Chinese operators should learn to find problems and eliminate them. Now the following analysis is made on this problem: China is far ahead of other countries. It is estimated that China is expected to surpass Europe and the United States in 2010 and become the world's largest wind power country. By 2020, it is expected to achieve an installed wind power capacity of 100million or 120million kW

in India, 20million installed wind power can be developed. India's wind power development began in the 1990s. Although it lags behind Denmark, the United States and other major wind power countries in the world, it is far ahead of other Asian countries. Before 2007, India has even been the largest wind power development country in Asia, but it was surpassed by China in 2008

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