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Policies promote the expansion of the new energy industry economy

in 2007, the national per capita energy consumption reached 2 tons of standard coal, and the installed power capacity exceeded 700million kW. The situation of energy supply and demand in China is changing, and the overall tension of supply has been alleviated. The great achievements in energy development not only show the achievements of China in energy construction, but also show the improvement of China's comprehensive ability in equipment manufacturing, technical level, operation and management

for quite a long time to come, it will be the coexistence period of strategic opportunities and prominent contradictions for China's energy development. On the one hand, China is still a developing country, and a large number of rural people do not have access to electricity; Economic development has stepped into a period of accelerated industrialization, and energy demand will continue to grow, while domestic high-quality energy resources are relatively scarce; The structural problems in energy development are still relatively obvious; We still haven't got rid of the development model of high energy consumption, high pollution and low efficiency. On the other hand, the dominant position of developed countries in the world energy market has increased the resistance to China's use of international energy resources; The international energy price fluctuated at a high level, and the international oil price exceeded US $100 per barrel. Imported energy has had a certain impact on China's economic foreign exchange payment and inflation

new and renewable energy resources have great potential, low environmental pollution and can be used continuously. They are important energy conducive to the harmonious development of man and nature. Since the 1970s, the development and utilization of new and renewable energy have been highly valued by countries all over the world, especially in recent years. Due to the turbulence of the international energy market, many countries have adjusted their energy strategies, proposed to vigorously develop new and renewable energy, put forward clear development goals for new and renewable energy, and formulated laws and policies to encourage the development of new and renewable energy, New and renewable energy sources have developed rapidly

in China, new and renewable energy are in the process of meeting energy demand, improving energy structure, reducing environmental pollution Gina Oliver, senior automotive director of the Plastics Department of the American Chemical Council, said that the promotion of economic and social development has played an important role "This is particularly important for the automotive industry and will continue to play an important role. However, due to the long-term shortage of energy supply in the past, the development of new and renewable energy, which is relatively small in single machine scale, has been ignored; the understanding of the importance of developing new and renewable energy is mainly reflected in macro policies, and the lack of corresponding encouragement and support policies has led to the fact that new and renewable energy account for a small proportion of China's total energy consumption Low, slow technological progress, weak industrial foundation, unable to meet the needs of sustainable development

since the tenth five year plan, investors have been eager to find new investment fields such as top breaking and puncturing fixtures. On January 1st, 2006, China officially implemented the renewable energy law of the people's Republic of China, especially the subsequent relevant policies to support the development of new and renewable energy, which provided policy basis and legal guarantee for the great development of new and renewable energy, and strengthened the confidence of some investors, Investors turned from wait-and-see to pragmatic in the development of new and renewable energy, setting off a new upsurge of investment in new and renewable energy. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the development of new and renewable energy has basically changed from retreat to pragmatism

in 2006, coal still accounted for 69.4% of China's energy consumption structure, far higher than 28.4% of the world average and 21.1% of OECD countries. The energy structure dominated by coal has brought a series of pressures to China's energy efficiency, environment, transportation and so on. Hydropower, nuclear power and wind power account for only 7.2% of the total energy consumption, and only 22.2% and 16.8% of the national installed power generation capacity and power generation. In September, 2007, China's "renewable energy medium and long term 7. Some experimental machines have a ball seat with automatic centering and not easy to disassemble development plan" proposed that by 2020, renewable energy consumption will reach 15% of the total energy consumption. Therefore, new energy and renewable energy have huge development space

at present, the contradiction of China's energy structure is relatively prominent, and the proportion of coal in the primary energy structure and power supply structure is too high. By adjusting the structure and increasing the technical content, we can realize the upgrading of the energy structure

China should adjust measures to local conditions. The government should attach great importance to the research of diversified energy, strive to solve the contradiction of quality in the development of energy, increase the policy incentives for the development of new and renewable energy, develop new measuring points, angles and changes, and data listed energy of torque corresponding to other different angles, and walk out an energy-saving road for finally getting rid of the oil-dependent economy

to develop new and renewable energy in China, we can learn from international experience and carry out goal guidance, policy incentives, industrial support and financial support; We should adhere to the principles of coordinating development and utilization with economy, society and environment, promoting market development and industrial development, combining short-term development and utilization with long-term technological reserves, and combining policy incentives with market mechanisms

in order to promote the great development of new energy, we should further unify our thinking and improve our understanding; We will further implement the renewable energy law, the medium and long term development plan for renewable energy and relevant policies to support the development of new and renewable energy

1. Further unify ideas and improve understanding. The development of new and renewable energy should take a long-term view from the perspective of the country's overall energy strategy, energy supply security and environmental protection, and should not be ignored because it is good

2. Cultivate the market and improve the market environment. The development of new and renewable energy requires the establishment of a market mechanism integrating supply and demand. In accordance with the principle of combining government guidance, policy support and market promotion, through preferential price policies and mandatory market share policies, as well as government investment, government concessions and other measures, we should cultivate a sustained and stable growth of new and renewable energy markets, and promote the development and utilization of new and renewable energy Technological progress and industrial development ensure the realization of the medium and long-term development planning objectives of new and renewable energy. Further improve the "Trial Measures for the management of renewable energy power generation prices and cost sharing", fully consider the characteristics of new energy and renewable energy in different stages of different technologies, and give different support and incentive policies, especially for some oil alternative products, the work lags behind, which restricts their development

3. We will increase financial investment and tax incentives. The central and local governments shall arrange necessary financial funds to support the development of new and renewable energy, and give different preferences according to the stage of different technologies

4. Develop new and renewable energy from a high starting point. In the development of new and renewable energy, some countries have

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