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Policy spring breeze blows to hongbaoli polyurethane thermal insulation materials

recently, it was reported that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has preliminarily determined that nearly 40 cities across the country will be a key city of public building energy conservation transformation of Cornell University, and the development direction of building energy conservation is becoming more and more clear. Under the spring breeze of the policy, building materials stocks are the first to taste delicious, and the polyurethane insulation material industry is also expected to blow a warm breeze. Relevant analysis shows that among the selected cities, the reconstruction of building area is huge, which will greatly increase the demand for polyurethane insulation materials, and relevant stocks such as hongbaoli (002165, closing price of 16.40 yuan) may benefit significantly

As early as May 11, the notice of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development on further promoting energy conservation in public buildings requires that the state will launch a number of key cities for energy conservation transformation of public buildings. By 2015, the energy consumption per unit area of public buildings in these cities will decrease by more than 20%; Among them, the energy consumption per unit building area of large public buildings decreased by more than 30%

then, yesterday, some media pointed out that the Ministry of housing and urban rural development has preliminarily identified nearly 40 cities across the country as key cities for the energy-saving transformation of public buildings during the 12th Five Year Plan period, requiring each city to complete the transformation within the next two years, with a building area of no less than 4million square meters. In these cities, each public building energy-saving renovation project can enjoy a financial subsidy of 20 yuan/square meter

the determination of the direction of building energy conservation has promoted the dance of building materials stocks such as AVIC Sanxin (002163, closing price of 8.97 yuan). But in fact, there is another field that is also expected to be bathed in the warm wind of building energy conservation, that is the polyurethane insulation material industry, such as oxide skin, metal debris and so on

at present, China's construction industry generally only pays attention to whether the fire prevention index can be achieved, but ignores whether the energy conservation index can be achieved. In this regard, Orient Securities pointed out that the development direction of thermal insulation materials is to take the development path of giving consideration to building energy conservation and fire safety

Orient Securities also analyzed that if the national policy is implemented, each of the 40 selected cities will complete the reconstruction of the building area of 4million square meters in the next two years. For example, the proportion of polyurethane insulation materials will be increased to 50%. Considering the domestic stock building area of 40 billion square meters and nearly half of the public building area, the application space of polyurethane insulation materials will be very broad. Hongbaoli focuses on hard foam combination polyether

polyurethane industry, and hongbaoli may become the direct beneficiary of national policy guidance. Data shows that the company's main product is hard foam polyether, with an annual capacity of 90000 tons. The product and isocyanate are the main raw materials for the production of polyurethane rigid foam. Polyurethane rigid foam is the best heat insulation material at present, such as cutter, dryer, printing device and other materials, which are widely used in refrigeration, construction, heat preservation, packaging and transportation industries

it is worth noting that the announcement of hongbaoli on June 1 showed that the production line of polyurethane insulation board with an annual output of 1million square meters was built in the "hongbaoli New Material Industrial Park", and the company's high flame retardant polyurethane building insulation board has been successfully pilot produced. This high flame retardant insulation board is the development trend of building insulation. With the release of the production capacity of 1million square meters of flame retardant insulation board, it will play an important role in expanding the building insulation Market for the company

at the same time, the relevant person of hongbaoli Securities Department said that after more than 10 years of scientific and technological research, the company has developed the production technology of high flame retardant insulation board by changing the molecular structure. The success of this trial production is of great significance to the company, but the product has not been mass produced yet. The company is waiting for the state to officially introduce relevant policies and formulate relevant standards, so as to improve the company's products and strive to achieve mass production as soon as possible

on the other hand, MDI and propylene oxide, the products of Yantai Wanhua (600309, closed at 18.78 yuan in less than two years) and Binhua shares (601678, closing at 18.89 yuan), as the main upstream raw materials of polyurethane insulation materials, are also expected to benefit from the promotion of polyurethane insulation materials

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