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Policies vigorously promote methanol vehicles to "drive into" the fast lane of application

since 10 cities passed the pilot acceptance jointly organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology in early 2018, the promotion and application of methanol vehicles has ushered in significant benefits again

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and other eight ministries and commissions jointly issued the "guiding opinions on the application of methanol vehicles in some regions" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), proposing to "adhere to local conditions, actively, safely and controllable, and develop methanol vehicles in areas with application conditions"

what impact will the introduction of the opinions have on China's automobile industry? With questions, economic information daily interviewed heguangyuan, the head of the methanol vehicle pilot work expert group of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, and xudingming, the consultant of the methanol vehicle pilot work expert group of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the counselor of the State Council and the former director of the Energy Bureau of the national development and Reform Commission

experts said that the introduction of the opinions is of great significance for China to cultivate diversified fuel applications on the basis of diversified power, and the new regulations should be actively implemented

the promotion of methanol vehicles ushered in good conditions

the opinions first clarified the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions, overall planning and coordination, enterprise main body and government guidance, which will strengthen the rational layout of the methanol automobile industry, accelerate the improvement of industrial policies, technical standards and market application guarantee system, improve the market application level, and maintain the international leading position of China's methanol automobile and related industries in the field of products, technology and special equipment, Accelerate the development of energy diversification and clean energy vehicles, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate new economic growth points, and promote green, circular and low-carbon development

the opinions proposed that all provinces should speed up the construction of methanol automobile manufacturing system. On the basis of the existing manufacturing system, automobile and related parts manufacturers are encouraged to improve the methanol automobile manufacturing system through technological transformation, improve the methanol automobile manufacturing technology level, and develop methanol passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, non road engineering vehicles and other vehicles and power machinery to meet the market demand. Improve the construction of methanol automobile production base and reasonably arrange the production of methanol automobile

at the same time, efforts should be made to break through common key technologies such as high-efficiency energy conversion mechanism of methanol, low emission control, long-life and low-cost corrosion-resistant materials. Carry out in-depth research on the health effects of methanol automobile exhaust. Encourage and support enterprises to develop methanol hybrid vehicles, methanol incremental electric vehicles, and methanol fuel cell vehicles. Accelerate the transformation and industrial application of scientific research achievements of methanol vehicles

the opinions clearly stipulates that all regions should promote the construction of methanol fuel production and injection system. Encourage the comprehensive utilization of resources to produce methanol, make full use of low-quality coal, coalbed methane, coke oven gas, etc. to prepare methanol, and explore the technology and engineering application of carbon dioxide capture to prepare methanol. Methanol fuel production enterprises should strictly abide by the laws, regulations and emission standards of ecological environment protection, strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, and minimize the impact on the environment. Relevant regions should adjust measures to local conditions and make an overall layout for the construction of methanol fuel filling stations. The construction of filling facilities shall meet the requirements of relevant national standards and technical specifications

the Opinions also requires accelerating the construction of the standard system for methanol vehicles. On the basis of current national, industrial and group standards, and in view of the characteristics and application needs of methanol vehicles, organize the formulation of methanol vehicle technical conditions, methanol engine technical conditions and other relevant standards. Strengthen the formulation of international standards for methanol vehicles, improve the standards for methanol fuel and filling system, study and formulate the design and construction specifications for vehicle methanol fuel filling stations, safety specifications for vehicle methanol fuel operation, methanol fuel special filling machines, methanol fuel additives and other standards

in terms of encouraging the application of methanol vehicles, the opinions pointed out that the application of M100 methanol vehicles should be accelerated in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Guizhou, Gansu and other regions with good resource endowment conditions and methanol vehicle operation experience in accordance with the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions, being active, safe and controllable. Encourage the use of methanol vehicles in the fields of official business, leasing, short distance passenger transport, etc. in conditional areas. Encourage the use of methanol commercial vehicles in municipal vehicles, special line logistics transportation and other fields in conditional areas. Relevant regions should actively create conditions for the application of methanol vehicles, and give preferential policies for the purchase and operation of methanol vehicles that meet the requirements of China's phase VI vehicle emission standards and methanol vehicle emission limits. Methanol automobile manufacturing enterprises should provide perfect after-sales service

in this regard, He Guangyuan, head of the methanol vehicle pilot work expert group of the Ministry of industry and information technology and former Minister of the Ministry of machinery industry, said that the promotion and application of methanol vehicles in China adhere to local conditions. In line with the principle of "being mellow when appropriate", we should adhere to carrying out work in areas where conditions permit, never engage in a face project of mass action and full flowering, and the promotion work must be carried out in a practical way. "The promotion of methanol is a systematic project, involving a lot of contents, including not only methanol vehicles, but also the coordination of filling stations, methanol supply and transportation. Therefore, we should see both the advantages and difficulties in the promotion of methanol. We should adhere to the market-oriented, the government should actively guide, and do a good job in the promotion and application of methanol." He Guangyuan said

it is worth mentioning that in terms of safeguard measures, the opinions clearly stipulates that the eight ministries and commissions will strengthen overall planning and coordination, form a working force, and guide the application of methanol vehicles. Relevant local departments shall establish a working mechanism for methanol vehicle application and implement the division of labor. For methanol vehicles included in the announcement of road motor vehicle production enterprises and products and meeting the national motor vehicle safety technical standards such as the technical conditions for the safety of motor vehicles (GB7258), motor vehicle registration shall be handled according to law, the fuel type shall be endorsed as methanol, and ordinary motor vehicle number plates shall be issued. The motor vehicle safety technical inspection institution conducts safety technical inspection on methanol vehicles in accordance with national standards such as motor vehicle safety technical inspection items and methods (gb21861). Methanol vehicles shall obtain compulsory product certification and complete environmental protection information disclosure according to law. The "opinions" clearly states: "study the inclusion of methanol vehicles in the" measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption and new energy vehicle credits of passenger vehicle enterprises "to support the development of methanol vehicles." It is believed that the incentive mechanism of double integral will bring a broader market to the promotion and application of methanol vehicles

promoting implementation is the top priority

China is a large country producing methanol, and the relevant production technology is mature. Statistics show that in 2016, China had more than 60% of the global methanol production capacity and 55% of the output; In 2017, the methanol production capacity reached 83.14 million tons, with an output of more than 64 million tons. In addition, methanol production raw materials come from a wide range of sources. Not only coal, natural gas and biomass energy are used as raw materials for methanol production, but all substances containing hydrocarbons can be used to produce methanol, and even carbon dioxide has begun to be used for methanol production. As an alternative fuel for vehicles, methanol has the characteristics of low carbon, high oxygen content and high octane number, which is conducive to full combustion and can effectively improve engine power

the application of methanol vehicles in China has experienced many years of practice, forming conditions from technology to industrialization and supporting infrastructure construction

it is understood that the methanol pilot work, which was first organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology, has gone through nearly a decade from the group and the load can no longer rise to the survey and the final summary of the pilot promotion and acceptance. As early as 2009, the Ministry of industry and information technology started the research work related to methanol vehicles, focusing on the research on the replacement of gasoline and diesel with high proportion of methanol fuel, organized a special research group to comprehensively discuss the energy, environmental protection, safety, technology, economy and other issues involved in methanol vehicles, and entrusted relevant institutions to conduct a comparative experiment on the emission detection of methanol burning "Wang Xianhong's material and gasoline, diesel and ethanol gasoline, The safety evaluation of methanol automobile was carried out, and the technical requirements of methanol automobile products were put forward

in order to promote energy conservation and emission reduction and explore new ways for the diversified development of automotive fuels in China, since 2012, the Ministry of industry and information technology, together with relevant departments, has organized and carried out pilot projects for methanol vehicles in 10 cities, including Jinzhong, Changzhi, Shanghai, Xi'an, Baoji, Yulin, Hanzhong, Guiyang, Lanzhou, Pingliang, etc. The data shows that during the pilot period, 10 cities invested 1024 methanol taxis, buses, multi-purpose minicars, etc., with a total operating mileage of 184million kilometers, developed a wealth of energy-saving schemes from various angles, and obtained hundreds of millions of technical data

in 2018, the methanol vehicle pilot work was fully completed and practical experience was available, which also means that the promotion and application of methanol vehicles will be fully launched. The "opinions" was drafted by eight departments on the basis of the summary report of methanol vehicle pilot work. Insiders pointed out that as a mobile transportation equipment and means of transportation with emerging fuels, methanol vehicles will become a member of China's diversified energy vehicle family and enter the market

after years of research and pilot, the technical level of methanol vehicles has been continuously improved. According to reports, 9 methanol automobile manufacturers and 32 methanol automobile products have been announced by relevant departments, forming a series of models including methanol cars, methanol/diesel dual fuel heavy commercial vehicles, minicars, city buses and so on. At present, the manufacturing system of methanol vehicle and special parts has basically taken shape

in order to verify the performance of methanol vehicles, relevant departments have collected more than 500 million basic technical data on methanol engines and vehicles, human health, environmental impact, etc. 1, making the layout of interfaces neat and reasonable. 2, so that the reliability, adaptability, environmental protection, safety, economy and other performance of methanol vehicles have been effectively verified. In terms of improving supporting standards and specifications, relevant departments have formulated and issued technical specifications such as technical requirements for methanol automotive products, specifications for the construction of vehicle methanol fuel filling stations, and Safety specifications for vehicle methanol fuel operation, and promoted the promulgation of a series of national, local and group standards such as methanol fuel additives and filling machines. In terms of exploring the market-oriented development mode of methanol vehicles, the pilot areas have been guided to introduce supporting policies such as including methanol vehicles in the policy support category of new energy vehicles, expanding taxi indicators, reducing taxi operating fees and highway tolls, encouraging operating enterprises to carry out market-oriented cooperation, and promoting the gradual maturity of a variety of business models

"methanol is a single carbon fuel, which is very clean during combustion and generally will not aggregate into particles. Methanol combustion is carried out in the form of homogeneous mixture, which overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient NOx and PM caused by uneven concentration and dilution of diffusion combustion. In addition, methanol is a liquid at normal temperature and pressure, which is convenient for transportation and filling," pointed out Liu Hanru, chairman of Valin Xingma automobile (Group) Co., Ltd, Methanol and diesel blended combustion is a mature technology invented in China. "In the face of the upcoming national six emission regulations, the adoption of methanol Blended Combustion Technology will avoid problems such as complex post-treatment devices and engine performance calibration caused by the adoption of European and American technical routes." Liu Hanru said

"finally got it! The introduction of the documents of the eight ministries and commissions made me mixed feelings, both happy and difficult to promote the work!" He Guangyuan sighed

He Guangyuan said in an interview with the economic information daily that the opinions have been released, and how to promote and implement it next is particularly important

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