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Policy support brings opportunities to glass enterprises in 2015

in recent years, significant changes have taken place in domestic glass processing. On the one hand, due to the technological progress of user industries, changes in processes and equipment (such as photoelectric industry, sapphire processing) and the improvement of glass processing technology itself, glass processing auxiliary materials have increased year by year; In the past 20 years, the glass processing industry has been following the traditional channels. It is predicted that the average annual price of raw materials for glass processing fluid will continue to rise by a small margin in the next five years. By 2005, the power consumption of the first inspection instruments for auxiliary raw materials in China's glass processing industry will rise to 28 kg. Based on the steel output of 130 million tons, the market capacity of auxiliary raw materials used in China's glass processing industry will rise and fall from more than 4 million tons in the past two years to more than 4.6 million tons in 2011. On the other hand, the domestic trend is obvious. Now the plastic granulators on the market are mainly electric heating, and the competition is fierce. The varieties of glass processing auxiliary raw materials are diversified, and the performance and quality are significantly and gradually improved. The service awareness and ability of glass processing auxiliary raw material enterprises for users are strengthened. Many Optoelectronic Industries and glass processing providers are increasingly competitive, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have also begun to implement modern enterprise management. Mergers and acquisitions are surging

the cost of producing glass processing auxiliary chemical materials in developed countries is much higher than that in developing countries. At the same time, due to stricter environmental protection requirements, they are forced to produce only high value-added products or export technologies, and transfer bulk products and labor-intensive products to developing countries. China undoubtedly has more opportunities because of its unique advantages in raw materials and labor costs. In recent years, the state will also reduce the tax rebate rate for the import and export of raw materials and semi-finished products. This means that the export of important raw materials is further restricted, which will have an important impact on the glass processing industry in some developed countries that rely on imported glass processing auxiliary raw materials and products. In order to reduce costs, they are bound to move their factories to China, which will also be an important opportunity for the development of China's glass processing industry. In addition, the convenience of communication and transportation, the changes in the international market and the increase of e-commerce have also brought good opportunities for the development of the glass processing industry

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