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Policy support exceeded expectations or stimulated the passion for long PV

today is the last trading day of the third quarter of the A-share market, and also the last trading day before the National Day holiday. Due to the existence of a series of uncertain factors during the long holiday, bulls dare not increase their positions on a large scale. Therefore, the trading volume is expected to continue the shrinking trend of last Friday. Therefore, the buying power of short-term bulls has decreased

at the same time, the relevant political strategies of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone announced over the weekend were lower than originally expected. Therefore, it is still difficult to say that the concept stocks in the free trade zone have stabilized in a real sense. We can't even rule out the possibility of continuing the low-key trend. Therefore, it is really difficult for a shares to have much room for imagination today

however, on the one hand, considering that the popular stocks have continued 5 overload protection functions in the near future: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, it will fall back, and there is little room for further sharp decline after the holiday. On the other hand, considering that the economic recovery trend is clear and the hot spot of poor industrial activity is still optimistic, for example, photovoltaic is facing strong industrial policy support, which can provide 100lb experimental load. The Ministry of Finance issued a notice on September 29, and implemented a 50% VAT refund policy for taxpayers selling self-produced power products produced by solar energy from October 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015. In this regard, analysts pointed out that this shows that the photovoltaic industry, especially the distributed photovoltaic industry, will face new strong demand. After all, at present, the application of photovoltaic in distributed energy has begun to popularize. Therefore, the introduction of this policy will further increase the social demand for the distributed photovoltaic energy industry chain

affected by this, during the U.S. stock trading last Friday, Trinasolar, Tianli green energy, Daquan new energy and other zhonggai photovoltaic industry stocks listed and traded on U.S. stock exchanges showed a strong trend. This shows that global capital has a positive long passion for photovoltaic industry stocks, which will inevitably affect the enthusiasm of A-share funds to pursue photovoltaic industry stocks. Therefore, photovoltaic industry stocks are expected to become the exciting point of the A-share market today and for a long time after the festival. Therefore, in operation, it is true that after loading a certain load, it cannot rise again, and it can hold photovoltaic industry stocks for the holiday. Zhonghua glass () Department

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